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sakura d3 cs setup help urgent
Hi guys. This is a question most likely for someone who owns a d3; what specs have worked best for you on polished concrete?
It seems setting up and rc drift car is completely different to the real thing, so I'm a bit out of my league. Can someone just give me a ballpark with rideheighta, camber, toe , suspension angles etc.... Any help would be greatly appreciated. No matter what I try the things just wants to oversteer and I cant catch the drift aka transfer sometimes. It also understeers if you turn with no accellaration. I have an event I'm attending tomorrow and don't want to look like a spastic, please help! Thabsk in advance
Umm... if this is your first go at CS, yeah you're gunna be looking like Steady Eddie... :)

You'll need practice, mucho hours of it.

As for the car... yeah as long as your wheels are pointing straight, it don't make huge difference. What will... is proper shock building with suitable oil (kit stuff is outta ballpark), better tyres (kit tyres are useless). And a motor combo with smooth control, not crazy power.

As for crabbing from the moment it moves AND plough on understeer... sound like you don't have the oneway front diff?

Then you'll be wanting more lock to catch your tail... alloy rack, big angle CVDs.
[Image: MRCsig.gif]
Hi mate, I have the one way and upgraded steering. The thing that's really bugging me is I had the setup good at one point and good drift fine. Then I though there was some things that could still do with some tweaking so I did and now it drifts like patatoe no matter what I play around with. I guess the next step is probably to try some stiffer springs in the front. Maybe some better quality shock oil then. Thanks for your help
Sure it's not something as simple as a hung bearing? :) when's last time you checked all hub bearings are running free; oneways also need servicing and sometimes one side won't grab as early as the other etc

Softer springs make more grip; if running on smooth surface try the softest springs you can find.

To reduce oversteer you want more grip at the rear end... go softer springs & oil, more toein maybe.
[Image: MRCsig.gif]
I feel like the surface and tires would be a factor here.

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