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Sakura D3 Rwd modding
I've been searching around for a forum that'd help me. I have a sakura d3 already set up as rwd (took out the CVDs and the gear with belt). I broke my c-hubs were broke so I plan to do a delete mod. The front knuckles (stock) aren't in good shape. What is a cheap/best mod for this situation? I've heard a bunch of suggestions but would like some more input before I buy and cut a bunch of stuff.
Basically, you need to buy upper arms, lower y arms, rwd knuckles and lenghten the steering and then tune it all to get reliable steering lock without catching the steering turnbuckle and spinning out. I went this exact route with my d3 a couple years ago. It costs a good chunk of change.

Also, you need to mess with your gearing as the cs gearing is not great for rwd.
Have you check my build?
I think that i do it as smart as its possible and reliable
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And thats it  Lol

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