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Sakura d4
I bit the bullet tonight and ordered a new sakura d4 awd Cs from rc mart... I also ordered a few goodies to start the build off... Man its easy to burn 400 bucks with this hobby.

Build to come when it arrives

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Hahaha looking forward to what you have coming

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I'm just starting out but heard a lot about the D4s. Give us some feedback once you get it.
Will do should arrive in the next few days I'll be robbing the electronics from my sprint 2 for now

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Well this arrived today
[Image: 17ad332f53b321621712bc8743bae0ea.jpg]
My puppy tekno checking out the new arrival.
Some goodies
[Image: 860881ba90bed073f4eb5903b8746b15.jpg]
The most exciting bit [Image: cf35b79c31507cd9cb5cb966609abcaa.jpg]
[Image: 87c099be799c8ff0702d5d189c7e5b96.jpg]
First upgrade... Carbon fibre chassis
[Image: f3db8e73d6020dac9411b20a6d0c7bff.jpg]
Arms assembled
[Image: 0677c38f8fb6f02ae230172efcbae7a4.jpg]

[Image: 394099f85770968aabb5521b2599f847.jpg]

Motor mount [Image: 182ad15a704795005678abc91a8032c0.jpg][Image: b8dd48ab7de3b7260ad828f8fc63e66b.jpg]

So far the kit is fitting together great... I made a few stuff ups... Some things I found a little unclear.
More to come tomorrow night I'm tired and have a 5am start tomorrow.

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Back end coming together
[Image: 7ce8d15eb45cffa503375a4357e91801.jpg][Image: f24fecb1368c6db0878d3ecb08f24567.jpg]
Upgraded aluminium steering [Image: 3c93ce2fd05fc9c1a7da323dbcd80696.jpg][Image: 8d518a1c932a54e380345923e76fa7dd.jpg]

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Front end coming together
[Image: 6663882b579f84853e36dd489e4f76e6.jpg]

Shocks assembled.
Front end upgraded to mono shock system... Seems to work great [Image: 4f364940617806764e25c4efeda8494d.jpg]
[Image: 41b2cfe8e42feedef91738dd7898dc5e.jpg]
All electronics fitted and wheels on.
[Image: c7d7f2371eccc481a1a267995ad28394.jpg]

Very happy with the quality.

Cs ratio is at 144 I think I'd like to go higher with this though see how it runs on the track.

Overall the kit went together great and I'm stoked with it.

Then came the issue of none of my bodies fitting

So I grabbed the worst body I have and made it fit then tidied it up as much as I could.

It definitely needs stealth body mounts. [Image: 325d758d6d8e19090349ba943849ec5d.jpg][Image: 1520b85aa45c5aaef81546f12aac515e.jpg][Image: 58845a0f332a27da3294a182d33a9673.jpg][Image: 1eb623fdb2bd6ea5830bc92d01385ade.jpg]

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And some finished shots of the chassis
[Image: db7d4cf5f3bcd1b6dc838440dbab940e.jpg][Image: 632e05778fdee3b60bb119e58cc17aa5.jpg][Image: a5e8e7f8e66de121794612dce38d22e3.jpg][Image: b39f09b3996bbe0e098be2785247e40d.jpg]

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Looking good man!...
(09-18-2016, 05:16 PM)Thrifty Wrote:  Looking good man!...
Thanks mate.... Took it to the track today... Bog difference to 50 50 started to get the hang of it and finding it much easier getting used the the one way was interesting

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