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Sakura d4 awd
Hey guys I got the d4 awd drive and I was wondering what's a good basic ride height to start out with the front and rear

try 5mm rear and 7mm front... then adjust if necessary to achieve some grip in the rear
Why high in the front?

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Because it lets your back wheels grip more when you let off the throtle
It is called the droop adjustment
Google adjustig droop for rc drifting or some search like that to get more explanation
or this link is good


I'm learning as well and that's the fun part too, but having built a 1:1 240sx for
drifting helps me understand although I'm not an expert by any means
I was just curious, because I bought a D3 secondhand and it was setup that way.

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Iam not a expert either but I am starting to have fun learning how to do all this I have the back set at 5.5 mm & the front set at 6.5 mm and it's working good for me nice control .but I will try different settings thanks you velocity for getting me a starting point

i have problem with d4 setup

my car feel like loosing gripn in front wheel and every time drift in to corner and throlle up the car slight to straight line.

any suggest?

Hey all,
Posting in an old thread but I don't know where else to post this one.
I have an AWD version of the D4 and it's super sensitive when steering one way (to the left) it just spins out, yet to the right it drifts very predictably.
Am I doing something wrong? Is this normal?
Try to keep the back shocks as Loose as possible stiff in the front ones up a little and practice your throttle control for now just keep practicing

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