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Sakura D4 AWD Build Issues
I am building my D4 AWD and I am having some issues.  I am trying to determine if this is a common issue or I just got unlucky.  I am also looking for help on how to fix these issues.  Thank you.

1.  Front belt tensioner and roller bearing
The belt does not lineup with the front roller/tensioning bearing and it rubs the front belt tension mount.  I loosened and tightened the screws holding the components to the chassis twice with no luck. 

[Image: 20285131870_eefa9793d9_c.jpg]
[Image: 19850595064_61d197e929_c.jpg]

2.  The belt tension seems too stiff to me and everything is adjusted as far out as possible.  Anybody else having this?  Suggestions on  how to fix?
Could you add some shims to line it up? I am sure the tension will loosen up after some breaking in.
There's nothing to shim. It's like the chassis holes or top plate and belt tensioner mount holes are misaligned. Or the tensioner mount is designed or molded incorrectly.
After the first test run the belt slipped under the tensioner bearing.  This is a design flaw.  It should have been a pulley to prevent the belt from slipping off of the sides.

[Image: 19890953684_6cbe7ddd43_c.jpg]
[Image: 19890965444_76fbacaaf2_c.jpg]
That's pretty bad, that's nowhere near inline. Have you got onto rcmart?
(08-12-2015, 10:40 AM)glenyboy Wrote:  That's pretty bad, that's nowhere near inline. Have you got onto rcmart?

Do you mean have I contacted them?  If so, no, I have not.  I haven't been in contact with 3Racing.  So far I'm not happy with their Band Aid solutions.
I added two washers to the left side of the bearing to close the gap on the right. The belt still fell through. I think a pulley with lips on either side is the only fix. Do you guys know of a pulley that's around 10mm in diameter? 

[Image: 19890965444_76fbacaaf2_c.jpg]

Also,  did you front CVDs come with set screws for the cross pin?  Mine did not. 
Here's a video of my first CS drift. 
It should have at least 2 bearings there to stop the belt falling through!

The belt is always going to move slightly and a single narrow bearing is never going to hold it!

Really bad design. After all the hype over this chassis it is hard to believe they did not pick up small issues like this in the early stages of testing...
Ah, Mr Lee from South Africa?

Anyhows, I just completed my build of the Sakura D4, what an awesome build, I too suffered the slipping belt syndrome, bought a shim kit from 3 racing and this sorted out the issue.

One or two things guys building this chassis should note, if your front diff ( the one that comes along with the car ) is too tense, adjust your front tensioner. Also, the kit comes with alternate pulleys for when you add the one way diff in as I have done.
3Racing is going to update the tensioner mount and include a washer (spacer) to prevent the belt from falling off the right side.

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