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Sakura D4 Motor Turns
i have a sakura d4 red and am planning to buy a bushels motor. i was wondering what turn i should buy.
I am new to the whole RC drift thing, so I went with a 13.5. It seems like plenty of motor for me. Hope that helps.
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10.5 is the sweet spot.
It seems people either run 13.5 or 10.5. As long as you get a good final drive ratio either motor will work.
I've heard that for RWD even 21.5T is a good choice ;)
Later a lot of the more experienced drifters are goin like 8.5 to 6.5 I run a 7.5 my self but we will never run out of wheel spin and can turn down epaulets so think about that my buddy got a 13.5 and no matter what he could no keep wheel spied on long drifts he would grab traction and be gone hope this helps I'm new to but I'm with guys that been drifting since day one

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Majority would say a Brushless Sensored 10.5t-13.5t is good enough for Drifting. The Speed Passion Drift Spec 10.5t is what i been recommending to others.

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I use a 13.5 that's made for drifting. Works great.

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