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Sakura D4 RWD kpi
hey guys. new to advanced rc drifting. I recently bought my D4 and finished building it. Noticed that kpi is a big problem with the rwd chassis. Ive read that the MST KPI upright knuckle works well with it, but was wondering what other parts i need to buy with it other than the upper arm. Thanks!! (I'm sorry in advance if there is already a thread that covers this issue, but i cant seem to find anything)
MST is a very basic kpi knuckle, anyways you will need the following...

MST Kpi Knuckles
Bearings for the outer side of the knuckles. you can use the stock D4 knuckle bearing on the inside.

Usukani gives more setup options though and i would consider usukani or other brands with the same mounting holes...
[Image: akumu-d4-03-2016-03.png]

sold this kit but retained the usukani knuckle which is on my TT02 RWD now.
Sweet thank you. Hard to find this in stock, it seems haha. So if i were to buy these, what else would be essential to upgrade? The front upper arm right?

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