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Sakura d4 rwd rear belt too tight
I'm not really sure what to do, my newly build d4 has an extremely tight belt no matter what I do, I completely rebuilt the belt system and it's stI'll the same. So tight the wheels won't roll unless you turn them manually. Do they just need to be broken in, because I spent a solid 30 minutes just trying to get them on. They're on the lowest belt tension setting, (I think). Any help is appreciated.
Can you snap a picture?

If you have it in one extreme hole , can you try the other holes.?

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I fixed it, the belt is supposed to be a hit tight I guess. The issue was my wheel lugs were too tight lol, took me a full day to figure that out. I just re did the entire rear drive assembly and it seemed to fix everything.
Factory instructions are in middle hole. Belt tension is not high. You can depress it with light pressure from finger.

As long it's fixed all's good.

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Team Magic - E4D(4) RWD - Sakura D4 RWD

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