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sakura d4 sport black editon vs standard d4
whats up guys. im looking to get into rc drifting and ive been doing a lot of research. ive never done anything more advanced than an xmod(hahaha) when i was younger. after some research ive settled on a sakura for my first build based on them being relatively inexpensive, a good following and good amount of aftermarket parts, and ive heard its a good kit to learn on both for building and driving. 

ANYWAY, my initial thought was to buy a d3 cs but i have found that the rwd is the favorite/standard now so i started looking into the d4 rwd. i then learned the d3 and d4 are discontinued (so the d3 i was looking at on amazon was probably a fake knockoff). This has all lead me to the the d4 sport black edition rwd. i just wanted to pick some brains about the new monoshock setup up front and to see how you guys would compare the overall quality to the regular d4 rwd. i realize ill probably have to buy a second hand standard d4 rwd if i decide to go that route which is a con for me because i was really looking forward to building my chassis and personalizing my build. 

Like I said, i am brand new to this scene and would love to talk to someone about these 2 chassis and just rc drift in general. any advice or pro tips are MUCH appreciated. 

-Sean  B)
the thing you need to consider when using mono-shocks is finding the balance between the rear and the front, you will need a good set of springs to do this. I do not own the black ed rwd and have no idea what springs are included in the kit.

i would never go the D3 route and would rather put more hopup purchases in building a new D4 than do a conversion of a D3... the R&D done for the D4 is way more superior.
ok awesome. thats what ive been finding when im looking into the d3. im definitely leaning towards the black edition at the moment. i need to do more research on the springs that come with the kit. what qualities shoukd i be looking for in springs? i just keep seeing all of these higher end chassis with the dual shock setup and thats why im questioning the monoshock. im also finding that people are "upgrading" their d4s to a mono shock setup. do you run a monoshock setup, vlozity?? what chassis are you running?
Hi there, just thought I would give you some of my thoughts. I have 4 rwd d4s. One completely stock original version d4, one heavely modified d4, one clone and one black edition. Of the four the black edition is the best in stock form. The knuckles and upper arms are much improved over the original and will save you a lot of time trying to figure out a good setup for yourself.

As for the mono shock system the only car that I don't have it with is my stock pink d4. The mono shock setup allows for more steering angle and I personally find it easier to setup.

In any case, the d4 was my first drift car and I love each one that I own. Have fun!

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