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Scale Garage
Looks great buddy roughly how big did you have to build the bas may I ask?
Any updates on this garage build??
3Racing Sakura D3 WIP thread
Yes mate.
It's got larger  
Middle pic is how it looks now

[Image: A3B4703F-2797-4B26-BEC2-CD269102BB02.jpg][Image: 26E26DBC-4C2B-49C5-9499-CB5AB813ECDB.jpg]

[Image: 34B3DB51-9B86-4469-B220-1C83A928C3EE.jpg]
Looking good! :D
Enroute JXRWD 

Mad Machine IG / Mad Machine FB
Garage looks good

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lovely garages...
[Image: 81B63A69-2053-4A5A-884C-608D1852B443.jpg]

[Image: 4C93FF8C-0B00-4238-A0D3-5588BF390BBA.jpg]

[Image: A5072BC6-C415-44F9-B9AA-4360AA02C77C.jpg]
What chassis are you running on all those?
The Lexus is on a D3, the Onevia is on a dlike, the chaser is on an MST fxx
The r34 is on a yoko dp and the subaru is on a display chassis.

The yoko and d3 are up for sale elsewhere

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