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Servo horn Guide
(01-02-2013, 10:28 AM)Tizer Wrote:  Power HD is a tricky one from what I've read so far. They use a 25 spline on their newer model servo's, but the outer diameter is a bit larger than Futaba, so the only horns that fit properly are the clamping style aluminium horns for Futaba. If you have other experiences with PowerHD servo's, please post it here so I can put an accurate description for them in the startpost.

Using same tamiya servo saver on my PowerHD 3001HB that I used before on a Futaba s3003. From what you posted, it is pretty much spot on cause I had to press the plastic servo saver firmly on with the PowerHD. The futaba just slid in.
Solar Servo's from Hobbypartz use a 23 spline horn, if you wanna add that to the list!
JDM as F**k
They are rare but Team Orion servo's use a 25T spline. Also I've noticed that the Spektrum servo's spline is slighty larger so stock Tamiya horns (and others) don't fit unless you really press hard and force the horn on. I haven't tried a clamping one yet.
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I believe the hpi factory servo also uses a 25 tooth gear. I just switched my factory one for a bluebird model and it matched perfectly.

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Feetech Servo uses 25T spline as well ;)
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XPERT uses 25T very good ones, i have 2 for the 1/8 buggy lv and they are fast as hell, and the torque is sick too,  planning on putting one  on the mst

thanks for the list!
I've got a HEXFLY HX 3CP. How many teeth on this guy?
what would turnigy be the same as?
(05-07-2015, 09:55 AM)David Kos Wrote:  what would turnigy be the same as?

25 Spline - Futaba
The Eagle Racing S8 servo's are 25 spline as well.

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