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Shaft Drive FTW
I thought i would share with you guys a build i am currently working on. Right now it is a 50/50 drift car.

[Image: 32733053760_e8c7930bb0_z.jpg]
-Awesomatix a700 evo 2
-Floating front gearbox
-Floating rear gearbox
-Floating servo mount ( being redesign)
-MM2 Motor Mount ( being redesign)
-Front sway bar
-Rear sway bar
-Rear spool
-Front diff
-G-force 8.5t motor
-Blue bird a911 servo
-OMG Thunder Power D-RUN
-Nano-tech 7500 mah battery ( Replace with Turnigy 3000mAh 2S 40C Lipo Pack)
-Venom Belt Drive Gear Kit
Things that need work:
-The motor mount holes do not fit the motor i bought so i have to design a new one.
-Find more angle for the front wheel.

Things i haven't decided on:
-Body was thinking of a apocalypse type body like elysium gtr but still have no idea was also considering a Pandora RC SUBARU IMPREZA 22B-Sti
-Motor position, since i have to make a new motor mount i can design to be in a different location then stock location.
-Carbon fiber drive shaft, because well why not
- If i should do a scale interior

[Image: 32299951353_a098459398_z.jpg]

Yes it does have suspension lol. First thing i get asked by people.
Some updates:
I had to trim the tab on the rear upper gearbox cover to make more clearance for the motor.
[Image: 33155260375_f612588bf9_z.jpg]
Here it is all pack to get some measurement taken of it.
[Image: 33113743946_24b51a1bf2_z.jpg]
Here is the first prototype of the new motor mount.
[Image: 32772528660_d0679beaab_z.jpg]
The esc should be here on Friday which means i will probably get a mount for it done on the weekend  and still no
update on when the servo should arrive.
Update #2
Esc finally arrived. Mount for it is currently being made thinking about mounting it in the rear like in the photo.
I seen alot of rear mounted lipo but never a esc so why not.
[Image: 33211229476_1aaf403bf9_z.jpg]
I have motor mount mock 2.0 this is design 18 and i had to add vertical support for more strenght and less
wobble. Also adjust hole placement.
[Image: 33211264096_7c30087b8c_z.jpg]
A venom belt drive kit was order to try it out on this chassis. And a new front bumper mount is currently being
design to mount the servo upfront.
[Image: 32409033554_183fb1e7db_z.jpg]
A Turnigy 3000mAh 2S 40C Lipo Pack is on the way to. I need a very slim pack to fit under the drive shaft i
am restricted to 17.45 millimeters from the chassis to the bottom of the drive shaft and this lipo being 15mm
fit that requirement. Last modification was removing the rear sway bar.
Nice work. Just one thing regarding the ESC. I hope you have a protective layer behind. If you run in open spaces or mainly indoors you are fine. Just note that it's the dirtiest area and if you crash on high speeds bye bye ESC.
Just a thought

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Team Magic - E4D(4) RWD - Sakura D4 RWD
Update #3
Thanx for the tip littlemonsta. Rn i just decided to make a new chassis with a laser cutter, instead of 3d printing mount or adopter since the 3d printer i have access to rn is broken.  With  a custom chassis i can adjust within seconds hole placement and other factors. Plus i can mount electronic directly to it, without custom mounts.
[Image: 32520329513_46d341e59a_z.jpg]
Finally transfer it to solidworks.
[Image: 32538907823_9c22af14b8_z.jpg]
Now we integrated rear esc mount.
Update #4
I been busy lately havent had much time to work on the car but some new parts where order and the servo is finally here.
[Image: 33302032681_61bfd3313e_z.jpg]
Lately i been toying with the idea of water cooling. So i open my esc to see if it is possible.
[Image: 32651220164_08b3c3311f_z.jpg]
Then i got my hand on one of these. (Btw this is junk, don't buy it if your seriously thinking about water cooling your rc. It has major leaking, the holes have way to much gap between them and the motor rust automatically.
[Image: 33338740482_4d322f49d6_z.jpg]
My idea for a water block for the esc.
[Image: 33453573846_b3375c9171_z.jpg]
Still have no idea what body to buy, but would appreciate some suggestions
Well only you can pick your body, but it depends what your looking for. JDM street style, D1 style or something completely wild like a truck.
Sakura D4 RWD
Just pick a actual rear wheel driven car - no honda civic's
MST XXX-D VIP - CS 2.0 - Main


MST RMX-S 2.0 - RWD - Secondary
Update #5
Parts, parts and more parts.
Work has been mainly focus on the chassis design and getting the hole placement just right.
[Image: 33495215221_b6b1e1d460_z.jpg]
Today i was woken up by
fedex with this box
[Image: 33583664016_6cac79fbba_z.jpg]
In it was all the parts i needed to make this a true water cooled rc.
[Image: 33495226331_067a9d2055_z.jpg]
Complete with pump, radiator, coolant, esc and motor water block. I was amazed with the quality of the parts.
[Image: 33495216921_c602e122e2_z.jpg]
Something i bought just incase i go with a full interior. It is a very small display i plan to use as a scale dash to tell speed and other stuff.
[Image: 33495236941_3cbd1fa53e_z.jpg]
The  belt drive kit. With 2 other belts i bought just incase. And one of my 3d printed motor mount.
[Image: 33624420145_48c8142cd4_z.jpg]
Biggest change in this update is the motor mount design of having the motor over the rear gearbox, it is possible but the problem comes with body fitment. I only get a clearances of 5.43mm between the motor and body depending on the height setting of the chassis, but while looking at rc chassis design i came across the rmx s chassis from mst and i really like the motor mount design it has and that inspire me to do something similar.
[Image: mst-532161-7.jpg]
Esc water block mount.
[Image: 32783130894_f15d96e66e_z.jpg]

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