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shipping from hong kong to u.s.
hey have any of you guys from the u.s. been gotten anything from hong kong in the last month? and if so was shipping wayyyy longer than usual. I had a package shipped on the 11 of march and still have no tracking update since it left the hk airparcel center. It definately has me stumped cause no one (hk post, seller, or the usps) can tell me where the damn the damn thing is. I'm beginning to think the mail man has taken up drifting =[
Sometimes they don't get scanned after they hit the u.s. One of mine was in customs for 5 days (in l.a) other in San Fran for like 3 days and most recent maybe 2 days. What site did you order it from?

I ordered through rc mart I think they strapped it to the back of a carrier pigeon cause I just got an update last night that it finally made it to ny
Yeah it can take sometime. I have been lucky with some things and unlucky with others. I ordered stuff from broad tech on Friday and it's already in LA customs but it's first class parcel so won't be there that long.

I have been ordering from hk lately and my items get to me in under 3 weeks. Ordering from various people, not necessarily rc stuff, in general.

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