Poll: Should we add Tapatalk support to the forum?
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8 32.00%

3 12.00%
O HELL NO! Annoying Popups SUCK!

14 56.00%
Total 25 vote(s) 100%
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Should we add Tapatalk support?
Question: Should we add Tapatalk support?

Let us know! Majority rules!
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Pop-up shows one time at the first visit, after this never again...
Thats a lie.... I get them all the time. And i still have yet to find tapatalk for free....

Our forum works very well on the mobile format. I do most of my work here on my phone and ipad and have 0 issues
Ive got to say I wont pay tapatalk to use a forum....works perfect on my phone without it.
Pop-up show one time on Android tab and mobile, its not a lie, btw.
your only posts have been about tapatalk... are you advertising?

also 7 vs 1.... i think thats enough of a decision to say no tapatalk support.
Yes of course, i get for every post 1000$.

Enorm rückständig...
Figured I might revive this thread now that Tapatalk is a free app. Any chance of this happening?
JDM as F**k
(08-28-2013, 11:04 PM)Dylan Never Sleeps Wrote:  Figured I might revive this thread now that Tapatalk is a free app. Any chance of this happening?

When I search for tapatalk on google play I only get third party results some cost money. Did tapatalk get removed from google play? Is it still available for iOS?
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the pro version is 4$

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