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Show us Your other Rigs
Like the title said...I know most of you didnt started with RC drifting..I myself started with Monster Trucks,then got amazed with Stadium Trucks and Buggy so I got hooked with Off-Road Racing.

I will post pictures later..since this section is new..I might as well start it
Here is mine.. currently still run this.. got 2 slashes... love em.. just got done mudding.. lol[Image: 541846_10151341845402220_1745485446_n.jpg]

pics i took with the iphone.
[Image: 199809_10151341846437220_1218964031_n.jpg]
[Image: 416864_10151341846992220_1128604158_n.jpg][Image: 525158_10151341846522220_361602640_n.jpg]
The underdog drifter....
[Image: 117.gif]
Nice!!! Running Velineon?

BTW thats an awesome Driver Stand :)
nope straight titan for now.. velineon is on its way.. that stand is for aircraft to do maintenance on the tails.. hehe it works for that though too..
The underdog drifter....
[Image: 117.gif]
^^^That DF-03 Looks awesome!! Mid motor set-up..I also like your M05 I got one of those too but Ill be switching to an M06 soon
My RC8Be:
[Image: IMG_3010.JPG]

[Image: IMG_3011.JPG]

[Image: IMG_3013.JPG]
Here's my Tamiya M04RR pocketracer. I've modified it a bit, the motor now sits behind the rear axle like on a M06 (this was build before the M06 was released) and with this its now possible to set it up for short wheelbase (210mm). It handles very well for an M-chassis and its fun to drive past all the tipped-over M03 Swifts haha^^

[Image: DSC_37201.jpg]

[Image: DSC_3853.jpg]

[Image: SummerMeetERCE2012TeamNRW.jpg]

As you can see it can be used as a cameracar too  XD

I sold my Asso B4FT this year so I'll hold off the pictures of that. I am racing a borrowed Tamiya FF03 every week now, and I hope to buy one for myself soon.
[Image: twssig.png]
ZILLAlife*Hiro Seiko*Tonisport*SkyRC*RC OMG
howdy folks this is my beginner into this fantastic hobby. it is an old maybe old old savage21 this pic missing my last off top of head crazy mod dual rear exhaust/ wheelie bar

[attachment=214] and here a pic of the crazy moded wheelie/exhaust I have it mounted inside at bottom of skid plate held on my three tin roofing screws with rubber washers. sorry no pic of it on truck took it off to weld up my rear diff for more slide on the shaved tires i run on the rear.[attachment=215]

the next crazy mod is rear dual 1/5 scale short course wheelies an tires. before spring i am hoping
will have truck back together this weekend going on a winter bashing session since the forecast is for plus1 celcius on sunday here in friendly manitoba. warm weather= nitro MT bashing. will grab a pic of it and post it to show exhaust if anyone interested.
my first rc, traxxas summit. in the end everything is converted to e revo brushless spec.
[Image: IMG_0426.JPG]

mugen MBX6TR e converted. tenshock 1850kv 6 pole motor, MMM esc, hitec 7950 servo
[Image: IMG_0542.JPG]
I love RC and been into this hobby since 1986

Tamiya Tamtech GB-01 Hornet, with a moderate frosting of 3Racing bling:
[Image: temporary.jpg]
This car was intended to be my brushless wonder. One of those electric cars that make people point fingers and say, "Holy Shi+!!!" The car is too fragile and I melted the diff after 2 high speed passes on its maiden run.

Tamiya M-05 Pro:
[Image: M052-1.jpg]
AKA Cup Killer! I replaced my Cup Racer for this car. The CR's may have speed on the straight, but I will pull away on the curves.

Team Magic G4+ Evo:
[Image: EvoSunny2-1.jpg]
To me this is why racing nitro beats racing electric. It requires mechanical thinking and a solid pit dude (or dudette!) Electric cars can't be beat for playing, nitro can't be beat for racing.
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