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Show us Your other Rigs
really liking the red bull Porsche....nice fleet
rc isn't a hobby...its an addiction and im a addict lol..... Sick
Thanks buddy.

I painted that shell back in 2001/2002 . I copied a car that used to run in the FIA GT Championship. Seems weird knowing how long ago I painted it and Redbull as a brand was not very well known here in the UK like it is today.
I picked up a crawler on friday.
Hpi crawler king.

I already started making stuff for it- roof rack and front bumper (made from styrene)

[Image: 20150214_152753_zpslw4za1t2.jpg]
Damn near 5 months late but nice rig.  I've been eyeballing crawlers lately.  More after a trail rig than a comp rig.  On the cheaper end of things I like the Tamiya CC01 but on the little bit more side of things I really like the Vaterra ascender.

So Just wanted to show my current babies..  

[Image: temporary_zps537592a3.jpg]

Chassis: HB D413
Motor: LRP X20 6.5T
ESC:  LRP Flow Works Team
Radio:  KO EX-1 KIY

[Image: temporary_zps09879e45.jpg]

Car:  Associated B5M w/ X-Factory Infinity conversion
Motor:  LRP X20 13.5t
ESC:  LRP Flow Works Team
Sweetest driving 2wd buggy I've ever driven.  Truth be told though I sold this :(

[Image: temporary_zps0q18qznd.jpg]

Car:  Tekno SCT410
Motor:  HW
This is my second Tekno.  Teknos are beyond freaking awesome.
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

Got this the other day
[Image: b086fd1567ece63f16e5c4e231a1c38e.jpg]
Already broke the prop though
[Image: e144705d50c18338030c64d7012d99ec.jpg]
Man that sucks! I was really really eyeballing this kit too. That's sorta the reason I like the Vaterra more than the Axials, it has more out of the box.
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

Yeah I'm a bit disappointed really, it lucky I didn't pay full price. They're £380 new in the UK, I got it for £260 used once.
So I've spent £15 on 2 steal props, £15 on 4 alloy lower links and centre plate, and £13 on alloy steering links and front c's.
So I'm still under the rrp, just don't want to throw loads more money at it as I'm not sure wether the crawling thing is my cup of tea.
Here it is my Mugen MGT7 eco.

We still don't have an EP 1/8 GT class here in my area, but the car is a blast to drive on the track!

[Image: Mugen_MGT7_eco_1.jpg]

[Image: Mugen_MGT7_eco_3.jpg]

[Image: Mugen_MGT7_eco_4.jpg]

[Image: Mugen_MGT7_eco_5.jpg]

[Image: Mugen_MGT7_eco_6.jpg]

[Image: Mugen_MGT7_eco_7.jpg]

[Image: Mugen_MGT7_eco_8.jpg]
Team Associated | Mugen | HoBao | MST | Traxxas | Tamiya | Hobbywing | JConcepts | AKA | Sanwa
I picked up an axial scx10 chassis.
[Image: 20151023_170309_zpskbuhpep4.jpg]
It's not my starter vehicle but it is the one i wanted so much until i got lucky in a trade..

Traxxas Slash 2wd :D

It has a brushless set in it, 3450KV (17t) and i rebuild the shocks so it has 400 in front and 600 in the rear.

Drove it on a buggy carpet track, it rolls, jumps and brakes like a truck - with a little fine driving it is actually great fun, some of the lads even tried it (4wd buggies +55km/h - 35mph) and they found it too be fun because it nearly did 30km/h -19mph on the straight and they had to be gentle in the jump and turns :)

[Image: IzeEU7ol.jpg]

[Image: hqIHMUQl.jpg]

[Image: CUUMJr7l.jpg]

[Image: sBErIR5l.jpg]

[Image: uWSw6Jcl.jpg]
MST XXX-D VIP - CS 2.0 - Main


MST RMX-S 2.0 - RWD - Secondary

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