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Show us Your other Rigs
My losi 5ive in progress. Big 5th scale
[Image: cat1_zpslwbna4x5.jpg]
[Image: image_zpsqvc6dxwq.png]
HPI Baja w/Kraken Cage 5th Scale
[Image: 20131103_095138_zps373ff235.jpg]
[Image: 20131115_152307_zpsdf2cbacd.jpg]
My Losi SCTE 2.0 1/10th scale 
[Image: 20140601_170628_zpszxdqkv4m.jpg]
[Image: 9118d84ba7eb484ad6c348cb0f30c8a1.jpg]

[Image: 5276081de46b4e3c210f40f876bdf0be.jpg]
My Twin Hammers and My Wraith.

[Image: IMG_20151101_245850659_zps66o4dlo2.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20151024_105235095_zpsk8rcjcqs.jpg]
My Yeti [Image: 51293f893b6043a8b1be2a45f6acf3c3.jpg][Image: 9cc44756d4eed605562fbe69aa5021d7.jpg]

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A little cruiser that I built for my daughter.

[img][Image: DSC_0048_zps12y3mnwz.jpg][/img]
[img][Image: Big-sig.jpg][/img]
[Image: 7a0605c8b8242b1e3a6b2cae26d9c63a.jpg]

My slash setup for clay. They can be raced, stock minus center diff, tires , motor mount and diff fluid. Best investment was the GTR spring set.

[Image: 96204e6b9dfb9c3e4fa225f2796bedda.jpg]

Met a support pole this weekend lol. 10 dollar fix.

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Yokomo DP - RWD | Instagram: Hobby_Monster
Love to see all your rigs. Must be fun to drive those ;-)

This is my Tamiya CC01 Unimog -work in progress- :

.jpg   2016-02-10_1455137336.jpg (Size: 50.95 KB / Downloads: 21)  

.jpg   2016-02-16_1455608831.jpg (Size: 67.38 KB / Downloads: 20)  

.jpg   2016-03-01_1456829684.jpg (Size: 74.66 KB / Downloads: 22)

.jpg   2016-04-06_1459951397.jpg (Size: 71.55 KB / Downloads: 21)

.jpg   2016-04-06_1459951032.jpg (Size: 70.19 KB / Downloads: 23)

My two newest rigs. HG601 6x6 and SCX10 Jeep NuKizer. Enjoy.

[Image: ce622418122111898278b6ff1e0fc869.jpg]
[Image: 3a32eb2edd1e5c93ecac7227d46f4ed2.jpg]

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Twin Hammers,
Sakura D3 CS Sport,
Hg 601 6x6,
Slash 2wd,
Syma X5C,
dromida Kodo.
(07-13-2015, 08:08 AM)cardinal Wrote:  Here it is my Mugen MGT7 eco.

We still don't have an EP 1/8 GT class here in my area, but the car is a blast to drive on the track!

[Image: Mugen_MGT7_eco_8.jpg]

Awesome photo. Would love to give 1/8 GT's ago. That seems like one sweet track there to.  B)

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