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Sidonia no Kishi themed FC3S (Team Samurai)
Been awhile since I posted anything.
Here's a Yokomo Team Samurai FC3S I completed recently.
Shell: Yokomo Team Samurai FC3S street version
Wing: Yokomo Team samurai FC3S standard
Light kit/light buckets: ob1 V3.0/yokomo TS FC3S
Mufflers: basic dual muffler taken from my first FC3S (RB powered), and finished with Yokomo titanium-look exhausts, with LED' inside. 
Number plate was a relic from my very first drift shell (a cheapie prepainted $7 FD3S) as is the intercooler (hence the weathered look). 

Theme is Sidonia no Kishi.
On the right side is a Type 17 Morito Shiratsuki Kai Tsugumori. 
On the Left is a scene from Senshuukyou. 
The bonnet features the logo of TOA Heavy Industries. 
images were taken directly from anime and outlined and refined for purpose on shell. 
Colours are simplistic in an effort to highlight the 2-tone pink sakura bloom. 

Shoegoo reinforcement. 

Finished in pearl white. 

Sits on my Kazama GSX-R DP RWD with OverDose Work Emotion Kiwami 7mm finished in matte chrome. 


[Image: Mikn6eZ.jpg]
[Image: NdFoRV8.jpg]
[Image: NplAvMZ.jpg]
[Image: VNUond8.jpg]
[Image: FJCJPOv.jpg]
[Image: VLKxgTH.jpg]
[Image: kpdJywA.jpg]
[Image: pgNNjza.jpg]
Kazama GSX-R Doripake
Tamiya TA-06 MS 
Sanwa M12

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