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silvia paint started seperating from body
so just painted my silvia baby blue about 2 weeks ago theres a thread about it in rustys silvia missle well don't know what happen but paint started separating from body all over the more I tried to correct it the worse it got would fix one spot then a new spot would pop up im really just let down that this paint job let go as I really was loving the way it looked but the paint seperaint was an eye sore so I started to paint on out side so if it didn't look like a missle before it def does now here what it looked like before the dreaded paint was noticed[img][Image: 100_13911_zpsecbb7308.jpg][/img] and then what I thought was dirt was the beginning of the paint coming off[img][Image: 100_13941_zps89698359.jpg][/img]

so heres what I have now I painted it sun yellow sanded it down in some spots to give that worked body look as for the hood I made it look like it had been sitting in a field for a few years and as if the heat from the engine caused the hood to deform and show bare metal on the hood then rusted over hope you like this is what I had to do to save this d-like the bumper is about all I could save but Im sure soon as I hit something it will suffer the same fate as the body... =( [img][Image: 100_14151_zps6e5435ac.jpg][/img][img][Image: 100_14161_zps5ef32146.jpg][/img][img][Image: 100_14171_zps343913bc.jpg][/img][img][Image: 100_14181_zps847c5266.jpg][/img][img][Image: 100_14191_zps552de94a.jpg][/img][img][Image: 100_14211_zpsf0139f4a.jpg][/img][img][Image: 100_14231_zps52751278.jpg][/img]

well that's all I have for now hope I did it some justice as I couldn't save it from its doom of paint problems now its a true missle I might do a diy on rusting parts of lexan with acrylic paint keep in mind this body hasn't been ran yet and the paint I used was a lexan paint made to flex but for sum reason it didn't take but no matter im kinda digin the car adds charitor I suppose plus im probably gonna pick up another s14 body from a shop in newyork along with some parts so no worries hope you enjoy thow I couldn't save the nice paint I had on there......
rc isn't a hobby...its an addiction and im a addict lol..... Sick

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silvia paint started seperating from body - by rustydriftcan65 - 01-13-2015, 02:45 PM

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