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Skyline 2000Gtr [recycle project]
Here another ride i did for a good customer of us. He painted the body on the outside because he didnt like
the purple he did before. Then he installed a rb26 enginebay of Demiworks and bought then some tiny hinges
and asks me to make the hood poppin' :) and i finish it off with some extra details and custom stickers.
Also the car gets a new exhaust from P!PES from the Dart Izumi line, its no3 from the line of 5.

Here the pics:

[Image: Foto-30-12-13-121105-4_zpsd4d260dc.jpg]

[Image: Foto-30-12-13-121105-1_zps6b730dc9.jpg]

[Image: Foto-30-12-13-121105-3_zps72bc17e9.jpg]

[Image: Foto-30-12-13-121105-6_zps6119701b.jpg]

[Image: Foto-30-12-13-121105-2_zps404d2036.jpg]

[Image: Foto-30-12-13-121105-13_zps14cc433b.jpg]

[Image: Foto-30-12-13-121105-11_zpsa891fa63.jpg]

[Image: Foto-30-12-13-121105-10_zps341e35e9.jpg]

[Image: Foto-30-12-13-121105-12_zpsdc75dd9a.jpg]

[Image: Foto-30-12-13-121105-8_zps7e5368e4.jpg]

[Image: Foto-30-12-13-121105-7_zpseeef43bd.jpg]

[Image: Foto-30-12-13-121105-9_zpsbac20e0c.jpg]
This looks great

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Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
straight gangster
These pipes!
Thanks for the nice comments guys!

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