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SkyRc Cheetah Brushless Sensored Combo?!
Has anyone tried this combo?Looks very intresting at low cost!
I believe there is a thread devoted to the Toro stuff not working with the flysky tx/rx combo

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I think Toro is sensorless...Guess Cheetah is the sensored version.So its not the same.

Im wrong...the toro in the thread you said before is sensored.But whats the difference between toro and cheetah??
Not sure honestly. Maybe amperage or a new series?

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I have just got myself the cheatah 10.5 turn version and now I am trying to find info on it. Not much about though..

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I just recently installed the Cheetah 10.5T combo and I am very happy with it so far, easy to program, I like the onboard powerswitch, and it works great with my futaba radio. The fan is a bit noisy but that is minor.
i am using this esc+10.5t, nice perform for drift

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How much is it? Theres no price on the website that you posted. Hobbywing has a brushless sensored combo for $120 on that everyone whos running it says its great. Thats what Im gonna run unless I can find a combo for cheaper but I have yet to find one. Heres the link:
i registered just to comment here i have the cheetah 8.5T in my old associated T4, and i have another in route for my olf FT TC4, although i am not using the unit for drifting i can shed a little light. 

first pricing seems to be 65 to 78.50 on ebay ( dont bother trying to be a dealer because the manufacturers are the ones selling on ebay and after trying to get some for resale i can tell you that direct is same price as on ebay and you dont have to order a minimum QTY on ebay either).  the cheetah is a 60A esc

second there isnt much on gearing, etc.  with exception of going to website and they give a reccomendation of fdr for the motors ( in case of 8.5t touring med track 6.4:1, small track 7.1:1.  no other recommendations however i can tell you on a T4 or any offroad vehicle with a 2.60:1 tranny a good starting point is 20t pinion/72t spur, temps on motore never get above 130 but mph is in the 24 to 26mph range if memory serves me correctly).

third, it boasts 2s/3s lipo. yse this is correct the esc can run 3s lipo HOWEVER, the motor will not this was told to me by SkyRc.

cheetah system is sensored but the esc can be run sensored or sensorless , and is an actual 540 rotor can not a 380 rotor in a 540 can.  comes in 8.5t, 10.5t, 13.5t, 17.5t. and 21.5t ( those are just off top of my head)

it has what i would consider a blinky mode ( check with local track if you are running blinky to be sure though), in that you use the program card to set motor timing to 0 which causes the power light to flash/blink in nuetral position while if any timing is on it will be a solid color

all timing done via program card on the cheetah motor so not really a race motor however you could match the sky rc ares pro motor with the cheetah esc and have motor timing on the motor itself.

now with that said i will let you know the issues i have found:

1.  no warranty outside mainland china ( stated on their site)
2.  rotor was ultra stiff in can requiring dissasembly of motor and filing the thickness down a little on the motor washers
3.  during manufacturing one of the windings was leaning in towards sensor and when the sensor was installed at factory it scratched the coating on teh winding ( this was fixed however by carefully bending the stator wire back out of the way and using a little 30 min epoxy with a 24 hour cure.

the systems i consider really good quality on par with other manufactures ( all will have some slip through QC) but that is based off only one system as other hasnt arrived yet.  compared to other higher priced "brand" names it is a great unit and i wouldnt hesitate to save money buying these because at the end of the day if the motor goes out you can always use one from castle, tekin, reedy, or any other "brand" just remember your cheetah ESC is 60A

i have heard a few VTA racers run the 17.5 and 25.5t version of the cheetah system but i have no first hand prrof/knowledge only heresay

hope this info helps everyone
forgot to add the flaw of having the bullet connectors on teh motor, it makes using a motor heatsking fan a problem.  i plan to desolder the pahse plugs and wires and put the plugs on the esc and the wires on the motor to see if that fixes the issue of running a heatsink fan on the motor.

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