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So I bought an MST FXX-D II IFS
Hopefully this is the correct spot to post this, and I have seen some similar posts, but as quickly as times change I didnt know if there is any new information. I just bought my first drift chassis, also my first kit. Trying to get back in the the rc thing. I have some electronics lingering from older stuff and a friends used traxxas. My big question I cant find much on is gear mesh. I want it to be as efficient and quiet as possible. I assume I'm accompanied in this quest. One more question, does anyone know of where to get all metal gears for the mst?
Thanks for any help. Chris
The main problem that we had with the FXX-D when it first dropped was the flex in the chassis. This caused the pinion and Gear A to come away and caused damage. Some though of fitting all metal gears to resolve the issue but that really didn't do anything apart from increase the noise.

I've been running an FXX for 2/3 years now. Started as a D version but I upgraded to the SSG upper and lower decks, set the pinion mesh and have not had a problem since. I'm running all stock gears in the gear reducer but changed Gear A to a 30T for my FDR.

Take a look at my FXX here:
More content at:
[Image: %25C5%258Ckami%2BDrift_banner.jpg]

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