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Spec Tire
I'm pretty new to the drifting scene. Getting my feet wet with a rwd. Been basement drifting so drifting on a track with other people is also new to me. My question, is it normal for a track to tell you which tire and be used on the track? I can see this for a carpet track as the wrong tire could damage the track (carpet). On polished concrete I don't see that it would be quite the same, I will guess that they wouldn't want you running real soft tires that would leave marks on the floor.
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Over here our tracks try to standardise the tires accordingly with competition ruling. YIDM current tires are yokomo drc. Femca just started using topline.

We follow track recommended tires but they don't lock down your tire choices. IMO the biggest difference in the car being fast or slow are tires. Electronics next then driver. Although there is no current ruling for motor turn at our track. But it's like a unwritten rule to stick to 10.5T motors. The playing field is levelled and it's all down to driver skills and tuning.

If you run one compound softer then the rest of the cars. It's very difficult to have a nice group tandem. You will find your car banging other cars and difficult to drift next to another car.

End of the day, the track needs to make money. Tires are the main thing to make money from you for drifting. Honestly when your car is all setup you don't change anything else. By far, rwd drifting is the cheapest RC hobby. And on carpet tires don't wear down at all.

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