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Speed Passion owners please look here.
Guys I need help.

Just received a combo I bought used but in great condition.

Speed Passion Reventon R (Blue)
Speed Passion MMM 10.5T motor
Blue LED program card.
USB cord.

1st- The car currently has no reverse? I know this ESC is capable of having it but I don't know what to do.
2nd- Previous owner said its currently in blinky mode. I would like to load the Drift profile. Can someone help me? I don't have a CD, dont know if one is needed.

Thanks guys
Current: Tamiya / HPI

Future: MST
I downloaded everything from the speed passion website and I saved it to my laptop. I had to update my program card to set the drift profile.
Well I was able to get it all with the help of some members including Teshi.

I will post all the links and what exactly I had to do to help others in the future.
Current: Tamiya / HPI

Future: MST
Everytime you pair a esc with a new radio you must re-calibrate the esc with the radio, it has the instructions to do so in the manual. If you didn't get a manual because you bought it used then I suggest going to speed passions website and printing off how to do it. Every once and awhile its good to re-calibrate even if you haven't paired up with a new esc because the pots in the radios do get wear and will start to respond differently to the same input. The drift profile just needs to be downloaded and uploaded to the LCD program box.
That's one thing I didn't like about my SP. Had to jump through some flaming hoops to get reverse working. Well worth it though!

This thing that made it a confusing bi+ch was not much mention was made of the USB driver to get things going.
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

Yea I got everything up and running now, PITA, but tbh once you know what to do its cake. Calibrating the ESC is also cake.

Up and running like a champ now. Drift profile and reverse in order!

Problem was the most recent update said that all LED car users would have to upgrade to LCD program box as the LED cards would no longer work.
Current: Tamiya / HPI

Future: MST
(07-16-2013, 12:20 PM)Chiefy707 Wrote:  That's one thing I didn't like about my SP. Had to jump through some flaming hoops to get reverse working. Well worth it though!

This thing that made it a confusing bi+ch was not much mention was made of the USB driver to get things going.

The main thing was that reverse didn't exist on stock software. Once software was updated, to one of the various profiles with reverse then it was accessible. I found calibration to be pretty easy mind you I have a keyence system that I pretty much had to figure out without instruction, (including TAO) that was difficult.
So is anyone aware if the hobbywing lcd program box works with sp combos? Ive got a used combo coming.
Awesome. It was worth searching rather than opening a new thread. I just got a speed passion ESC and having the same no reverse problem lol
MST FS-01D >>> 2.00 CS
HPI Sprint 2 >>> 1.58 CS
I just started playing with my Reventon S drift 2 software setup.

anyone have a good starting point?

yoke DP with 2.0 cs
Rev S esc
SP/Banzai 10.5 motor.
Usually drift on smooth warehouse style surface

need brake settings
boost and timing
drag brake etc.

I have the software and programming box do changing things is easy enough.


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