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sprint 2 build, now with hpi 67 camaro body
on to different things, truck will basically be a decoration unless i completely break this one
[Image: E094D7BF-CA24-4D86-BB36-84D004CE64D4_zpscdmgptfl.jpg]
[Image: 407FF108-A825-4729-A51B-8D2EF5AE3435_zpsha2dcmkw.jpg]

[Image: 8A5B9D48-0408-476B-A890-26516FD227F4_zpsa4gsxq9j.jpg]
did this yesterday. its all back together now except steering which is proving to be a real pain but i may have it figured out. hopefully get it done tonight so i can try it out!

[Image: 654A9E9E-8058-49DA-8BDB-14BEDFEBBD7A_zpshzmmj1oz.jpg]

servo is to far away, need straps for the battery, esc needs to move, etc, etc
[Image: DBD5193B-59FD-475C-9FA3-4E268A68FCED_zpsefpxmcms.jpg]
so i attempted the front motor conversion but couldnt get it to work. so i decided to put everything back together the way it should be after i finally recieved my yeah racing aluminum kit. i have a new steering rack coming in, put a new servo on, got new ball cups, took a bunch of misc plastic off and my girlfriend sewed me some battery straps this morning. i really like how to car is coming together, only thing i wanna do is try to get the rear fitment a little more flush and i kinda want a really big wing for the back. 

[Image: DC9AEC4D-5893-4DF8-90D7-01DCA0C44234_zpsxwte4dc9.jpg]

[Image: CB99D996-93CF-49E6-A81D-65B0F92582AB_zpsnthj8ovz.jpg]

[Image: E3636083-DF29-4E52-B327-696BCF1923B2_zpsd0dusfqv.jpg]
all my steering stuff is in at the LHS, belt tensioner is in the mail, just ordered some spacers for the rear. everythings coming together! cars been down for almost a month now, really excited to get it back together.
finally got the car together! its so much smoother now. still some things to tweak but overall its great as is. also took some stickers off the body.

steering all built and ready to go in

[Image: 9B5D86E2-6147-4AFF-B5F6-F8E11EFDFD3D_zps6o2vtxcx.jpg]

body after removing some stickers

[Image: 6AAB0346-D666-4794-A4F7-6507FE88CF90_zpsj9nc8yvk.jpg]

and finally, the car complete for the first time in weeks

[Image: 3A5B86AB-30A0-42AD-8BA3-B9BCEB9A9091_zpsxcaujney.jpg]

thinking that i want to cs it next
painted the wheels, personally im a big fan

[Image: 186EE372-4F1E-4D0A-A3D7-6581503480ED_zpslmqp2ykj.jpg]
I think the black and chrome fit better than the gold ones. Good job.
thanks man. i agree, looks more agressive and not so "lowrider" i finished up the painting today also sharpied the body lines with a fine tip. spacers have actually shipped now so should be here fairly soon
Did a little side project today. I have 4 rims without tires, 2 tires, and 7 rims with tires. They all have just sat on my workbench so rather than spending $15 on a pre made tire rack I made my own. Just need to glue it together tonight. 

[Image: C554E1EF-1B59-491E-AC76-77A6E4CE46D3_zpsychzaaj1.jpg]

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