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sprint 2 build, now with hpi 67 camaro body
no more rear tuck lol going to camber it as much as i can to get suspension travel back

[Image: 834C2178-283A-492C-A578-1C9B07A12C2D_zpsoebwiacf.jpg]

[Image: C8F285A9-A30C-4922-B30F-EB9D12215B40_zpsdvhqikv9.jpg]
[Image: 7A9E9D0B-A4B8-43A7-A632-71C754C91776_zpsy4gbeql9.jpg]
Ordered a overdose vortex wing and work wheels on Friday, also found some mesh and made a grill that wasn't stickers. May redo it but for now I like it a lot more. Wish my lights would hurry up. 

[Image: 3FE3E3E1-23D7-403A-A5C3-BD3BB7090C70_zps8vrmvamp.jpg]
got a package from blackstar hobbies today. got my overdose voltex wing and my work wheels. tires should be here some day this week. also stopped by the hobby shop and picked up some ps-31 smoke paint and tinted the windows!

[Image: 67C77F01-E186-46B8-92BE-BFCFA04E55CF_zpsfb2wiiox.jpg]

[Image: 2A3EDCD9-749D-44D0-BD50-FBD54CABE615_zpsfi0kjvem.jpg]

[Image: 9CAA9ADE-01F1-40FA-80CC-8979A288727A_zpsth02x02j.jpg]

wide af
[Image: 7761ACBB-74A1-4AAF-AA76-B112AD3FD576_zpscss3l0os.jpg]
finally received my lights, they arent great but it will be nice for night driving and its different. new tires should be here for my new work wheels in the next day or two. also its in the very early stages but i started a scale garage. going to make wall frames out of balsa and then put the foam board on it to simulate an uninsulated wall. if that dosnt make sense i should have pictures fairly soon. also need another piece for the floor and that will get covered in checkered contact paper. anyway heres a pic of the car

[Image: CB3F2063-61AE-4171-BD93-F8977B8DF6C2_zpsqgqcptsw.jpg]
put a few more touches on the garage, made the studs, put a floor in it and also found a mini tool box with tools. needs a work bench. finished up the headlights also. looks a bit weird but i love that its different and looks rough.

[Image: 7DA7ECB5-A235-4254-8BCC-A879ED544F9B_zpsi5tzvnto.jpg]
New wheels and tires are on. 

[Image: ECD226C9-E103-415E-9679-E05318B56635_zps5pgfblbf.jpg]
Looks good, like the additions you've made
Thanks man!

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