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Subaru BRZ RB body build for MST RRX VIP
The body has been cleanly cut by scorching with a new canto blade all around and the carefully pulling off the portion of the body that won't be used.[Image: 8e49ae6fa754bb57cf4b6ee95c977bb5.jpg][Image: 5f59d26038c57dbfeaa787b6c5945e5d.jpg]
This is one of the wheel wells. Is int it perfect? I'm starting to get excited.

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Everything is cut and ready to be preassembled before washing and painting.

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Awesome keep us updated

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Have you decided on a color(s) yet? I would like to eventually paint a FR-S/BRZ/GT86 in Tamiya Metallic Green backed with gold after seeing a great picture of a RB-kitted one online.

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The colors are the hardest part to me. I have been looking at pictures and color combinations to see what I come up with. I want to come up with something original. Here's the last sketch.[Image: 5a25982efcf71d3c3b8d646c8f1ae17d.jpg]

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Alright, paint time. I am going with a black top and a light blue base.[Image: 45269823e002653524b48391f5439e1d.jpg]
And I have a couple Vikings I want to add in the scheme and a few logos. I am not totally convinced on the base color yet. I am just gonna start spraying until oops comes along. If it does.

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Viking progress update. Working on these masks has been.... Well... A B!t(h
[Image: 08c8b49796c4f2800d5018adab096308.jpg]
This is one out of three. I might not paint today, but it sure will happen tomorrow.

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[Image: 2e1f9f99537c6977cdb08f3d7cc150cc.jpg]
The spoiler is now carbon fiber. Now the body is progressing okay. I wasn't to happy with the Viking but is acceptable.
[Image: 91e7602d032098fa3e980dd1fb86f500.jpg]
Next time I will be using liquid mask.

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It is closely getting there. It starting to look like a BRZ. Now I am working on the wide body kit, trying to adjust it. Light buckets are in place and rear diffuser is on.
[Image: 6348721afde6ef6f4be8496c1176bee6.jpg][Image: ad725a3b523774a796744451388bf6ed.jpg][Image: a4882f3f3dd5a8f4f105b13c10deae89.jpg][Image: 162dfc0338420060180f666643ebaa45.jpg][Image: 383eb7256a06f9d28187a639c52fa676.jpg]

And just got the chassis where this body will go.

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