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Subaru Brz Rocket Bunny kit
I saw earlier this year that Killerbody had a Rocket bunny kit version, so i thought, when i got my new MST XXX-D VIP it should have a new body..

The quality of Killerbody is amazing, the body kit is even more detailed and screams quality - but a lot of trimning since the parts are drilled out.

I've still not gotten to paint the thing, building it, figuring out where the skirts should sit and make holes for the mini screws took me over 8 hours.

[Image: 4VKVxEDh.jpg?1]

[Image: K8Ko6nsh.jpg]

[Image: CDKgu6Yh.jpg]

[Image: SW3itIdh.jpg]

[Image: kNrgCwLh.jpg]

[Image: MPlTrTyh.jpg]

[Image: FB5uwx3h.jpg]

[Image: B9SzNLlh.jpg]

[Image: EUrOpsVh.jpg]

[Image: glD2zo7h.jpg]

[Image: TzgjiVoh.jpg]

[Image: JCd6w1dh.jpg]

[Image: PyrLFJIh.jpg]

[Image: NoUhY6Rh.jpg]

[Image: 1Cmq0EFh.jpg]
Color choice - Should come out pretty nice.
[Image: Fta9VpCh.jpg]

[Image: csRiBI9h.jpg]
Here is the first piece on - quite nice there is small screws with the kit to screw them on with bolts on the other side.
[Image: 4uquza4h.jpg]
The front bumper is glued by doubled glue tape - no screws here.
[Image: gYxBXZ4h.jpg]

[Image: nnm1qmmh.jpg]

[Image: womqrXDh.jpg]
The body is standard 195mm wide - with the body kit, it becomes a 205mm wide beast - also i think Killerbody nailed it with the replica.
[Image: DIIvPUXh.jpg]

[Image: yT4RsWoh.jpg]

And that's it for now - i've just dismantled it and took it for a wash and a scrath-up so now it is ready for paint. I've gotta work a night shift so i'll continue saturday at some point :)
[Image: 3410jt3h.jpg]
Just to give you guys a comparison to how small these screws are - that's a M3 screw to the left and the mini screw to the right ;)
[Image: kw8zzbxh.jpg]
[Image: FUi6BVEh.jpg]

[Image: sjdseqbh.jpg]

[Image: 5PtSmbth.jpg]

[Image: GQgRBJlh.jpg]

[Image: VldJDrvh.jpg]

[Image: QoRfC07h.jpg]

[Image: uUiBHVhh.jpg]

[Image: BD8pQleh.jpg]

[Image: qw8qiuqh.jpg]

[Image: wg4MFWbh.jpg]
MST XXX-D VIP - CS 2.0 - Main


MST RMX-S 2.0 - RWD - Secondary
It's looking great so far!
MST XXX-D VIP w\ Novak Drift Spec Combo
Nice skills. I don't have the patience for body work. Color turned out great.
That dark metallic blue suits this body very well. It is sort of Subaru blue, but not the cliché one  =)
You've got skills!

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