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Subaru silver Rocket Bunny
I'd like to share my recent project. It's been pretty slow on the progress due to the lack of time & delivery delay on parts.
Also This is not exactly 'the progress'. It's rather 'where it is'. I'm open to any suggestion or advice. Also I'm willing to answer any question about what I'm doing or will be doing for anybody who is in the same route.
The chassis is Sakura D4 RWD. Everything at the moment is stock except Usukani KPI knuckle.
The build has been pretty straight forward. As a lot of post mentioned, there is huge slop on steering. So I ordered 3racing slide steering option kit. I will post the chassis later.

.jpg   20170123_231317.jpg (Size: 362.4 KB / Downloads: 53)

.jpg   20170123_231349.jpg (Size: 333.11 KB / Downloads: 35)

.jpg   20170123_231437.jpg (Size: 330.79 KB / Downloads: 39)

.jpg   parts_ready.jpg (Size: 370.55 KB / Downloads: 34)

Also when I check the fitment on the body, the stock wheelbase setting seems longer with fender from the wide kit of the body.
I cut off the inside of the fenders that I red-circled in the picture & moved the spacers to the center F&R so I can make the wheelbase shorter.

.jpg   wheelbase_adjustmentFor_Fitment.jpg (Size: 566.05 KB / Downloads: 27)
Even after that, it seems still roughly 5mm longer than the body.
I ordered Usukani upper arm/lower arm V2(i got this instead of V1 since V2 is smaller so it might have more space to play)/bulkhead to see if I can adjusted accordingly. I'm kind of running out of option because I found this issue after I made a hole on the parts & the body for bolts already.
Anyway, my next move will be.....
1. install Usukani parts & see if I can make it fit without modifying the body parts already painted.
2. If that doesn't work, I'll try to move rear fender toward rear & cover the bolts hole as much as I can.

I will update the post with the postmortem once I'm done.
Thank you for watching.

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