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Subaru STI 22B
Hi there I am from China and this is my first RC drift body Pandora Subaru sti 22b ,hope you like it :)

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9mj95wqj22tc1kwwps.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9lnwnsuj22tc1vkqrg.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9lm2s2fj22tc1kw000.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9lpergxj22tc1kwk6m.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9lqqtjxj22tc1vk4dt.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9ltp015j22tc1vk7l8.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9lusp6gj22tc1vkh0o.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9lz9osrj22tc1kwanu.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9ly3afgj22tc1vk7o8.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9m3aocjj22tc1vkgx3.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9mkgyfoj22tc1kwdte.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9mhvbsjj21vk2tcnbj.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9mbkyykj21vk2tcauw.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9md8wi9j22tc1vkqqr.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9m5riy1j22tc1vkat8.jpg]

[Image: 633bbcb5gw1eqo9m76hm6j22tc1vk4fs.jpg]

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Looks good! Lol
(04-13-2015, 01:46 PM)glenyboy Wrote:  Looks good! Lol

thanks   XD
Love it! Good job!

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[Image: advertisesmall.png]
good job!!Greetings from China!!
(04-13-2015, 07:30 PM)wilkewhaq Wrote:  Love it! Good job!

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thanks ^^
(04-13-2015, 07:55 PM)addons Wrote:  good job!!Greetings from China!!

That pic with raiden is killin it

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It looks awesome, love the mean look of the front end of the car in the dark. Where did you get the lights?
(04-14-2015, 08:33 AM)driftstar901 Wrote:  That pic with raiden is killin it

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lol, raiden ftw

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