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Supra body kit
Does anyone know where i can find a body kit or overfender set? I want to build a topless supra with a wide body please help

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Do you already have a shell? I didn't find any kits or overfender sets, but Pandora and Yokomo make shells with body kits already installed.

Pandora -

Yokomo -

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only kit for a supra is from HPI.
It's not the best, but it does give you a bit of extra width.
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I think Speedway Pal or someone makes universal wide fender kits. I don't know of any Supra body kits though.
HPI makes 2 different Supra bodies. A street version and a GT Racing version.
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just wondering how hard would it be to make your own kit i like to do things myself and i like to claim things are my own

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