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suspension play
so i have a redcat that i converted RWD, cut things, moved things and got rid of things, now i need to buy things lol. my problem is there's alot of play in the front suspension from the ball joint connections all the way to the wheel hub, so need to figure out if its the specific parts(upper arm, lower arm, steering hub) or is it the material (plastic or aluminum)  because I am going to order plastic MST ht lower (y) arm, Yokomo upper (A) arm and usukani RWD steering hub (I know there not plastic) but is the plastic plays a big factor, i was going to go with all usukani parts (just in-case this redcat scrap doesn't workout, i can just buy a D4 and swap over the parts), so what do you guys think? And BTW, i need a little extender for my steering arms, any suggestions? 

the redcat chassis closely follows the yokomo basic drift package, just for reference.
Just buy a D4 if you are thinking of getting one anyways. Saves you the time and money trying to get the redcat properly rwd. Ultimately starting with a better platform will get you better gains and performance in the end.
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I think better solution will be buy Sakura D4. I have one from more or less 10 mouths and it's great for this price. For this chassis You have a lot of upgrade part, conversions and some upgrades that You can do it on Your self. Sakura is good drifting model from box for these price.
No offense but the Sakura D4 is cheap for a reason, I've seen one and the quality is not living up to what the 3Racing promises, plus it's a knock off.

Yokomo has just released their YD-2, a Rwd focused chassis in all plastic or carbon version so the price fits everybody with awesome steering lock out the box. I have one and it is amazing, still tuning it but amazing for that kind of money. The price: €238 or $266.40

Another Rwd is the new MST FMX-D Pro, a mid engine Rwd with carbon chassis and some plastic parts, it's a little pricey but is supposed to be really good with the motor, electronic's and servo being center placed, I'm still thinking about buying it and try it. The price: €346.52 or $388.40

The prices are well above what a D4 goes for but I rather get a quality car from the get go than get a under performing car that I have to upgrade to run good, just my 2 cents...
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In the US, you can get the plastic YD-2 for ~$200 shipped. While you can get the Sakura D4 for less, once you start upgrading it, the price difference disappears and the Yokomo has a better selection of replacement/aftermarket parts.

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