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Switch to brushless?
I recently picked up a used Sprint2. It was set up for brushed motor but had a cooked motor so I grabbed a cheap 15T brushed unit at a local hobby shop. After playing around with my new found hobby I've decided this isn't going to be a 2 week fad of my life haha. 

There is a lot of add ons for these little machines, almost to the point of where do I start? I assumed power is always a good start because it could be swapped to a new chassis if I decided to invest a bit further. After playing around a bit, I have a ton of power. To much power at times. I currently have no front driveshafts so I'm hoping my AWD car running RWD is influencing my insane amount of spinning out I'm getting haha. Haven't really drifted yet, more some circles lol!

To the point!! My question is, should I be looking at upgrading my current HPI ESC unit and motor? Or upgrading other bits first? 

Thanks in advance!
If you have a new motor you have recently purchased I would spend my coin elsewhere getting the rest of the car working right before upgrading...

This is just my opinion I recently had to replace my motor but decided instead of spending big $ on brush less to just grab a 20 dollar factory replacing spend elsewhere

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That was my thinking. $20 replacement seemed like the wise decision at the time. But moving forward on the build I'm not sure how soon I should think about upgrading.... Don't fix it if it aignt broke kinda thing? Haha I have a feeling I will end up running a few cars

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