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TA03F Pro newb - 50/50 vintage...
Stock TA03F Pro chassis.

FDR: 7.45
Stock Dyna tuned motor
Hobbywing 1060 esc
Steering mod for more angle
Ansmann treaded drift tyres
HPI Levin Body

To do:
TRF Shocks
CS pulleys 10T rear / 16T-20T front
Brushless system
Upgraded servo

I love these old school chassis, anyone with tips and mods advice please post...
[Image: 90c31b4422cea0c73a017084910cb003.jpg][Image: f336fe72c8422c9c99d7d968283e0c35.jpg][Image: 726f627ebb6df66c4d039e662e31ae06.jpg][Image: 0e4c23af5545b57e4fbaa9eabca44b8c.jpg][Image: 41e0a12c6e349c018700969f682f8447.jpg][Image: 06f0422ba7b4d4961c99cf9b21c3b36c.jpg][Image: 416007f73b9d1fd732144582fefab3cf.jpg][Image: 82224e0437803b4237166040acb24c2d.jpg][Image: 262996d5380e6983d1936bbd75ad27ea.jpg]

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Have now added Trackstar aluminium adjustables with yellow medium front tamiya springs and red soft rear with a turnigy drft-303 0.10 sec servo, have added a 10T custom pulley rear with standard 16T front giving me 1.6cs.

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Still using stock belt or have you changed?

Tried with 9 & 11 pulley and the belt is too slack, tensioner pushing down not enough. Thinking of changing belt or making a double-idler tensioner.
[Image: MRCsig.gif]

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