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TA03F Pro newb - 50/50 vintage...
Have not posted in a while, latest mods so far have been custom aluminium lower rear arms widened by 3mm, laser cut and front upper arms and lower y-arms for c-hub removal, added custom wiper arm extensions so i can now get up to 85° lock on lead wheel with 70-75° on trail wheel, might get more with wider offset wheels but widened track with new suspension arms to 200mm already.
I changed out the servos to the blue bird 0.10 second high speed, high torque ones.
I modded the shock pistons to two large holes front and four large holes rear, just waiting on a set of 8 32mm MST Super soft springs which are four sets in different tensions but all super soft.

Current setup is as follows
Camber 8°
Caster 12°
Toe 0°
Ride Height 8mm
Shocks Trackstar Aluminium oil filled adjustables
Oil tba
Springs coming soon MST 32mm Super Soft (Medium)

Camber 3°
Caster 0°
Toe 1-2° in
Ride Height 7mm
Shocks Trackstar Aluminium oil filled adjustables
Oil tba
Springs coming soon MST 32mm Super Soft (Super Soft)

Esc Hobbywing 1060 Brushed esc
Motor Reedy Radon 17Turn Brushed
Gyro Tyrnigy piezo
Rx/Tx Flysky GT3C
Battery Xpower 3300mah hard pack round lipo 2s

Springs and custom upper and lower front arms
[Image: 1acd52ac9d26a5d9a2bfcfedb54c9afe.jpg][Image: 629cd0c5457fa28e1c8fea1ebf6d3c54.jpg][Image: 1b68068ccedf4b209394d598280777ac.jpg]
[Image: 74d0cb62f840f6f9dda48f7ea96df6c8.jpg]

Rear custom lower arms
[Image: 5ca397493484f8c4e6aa1f727f158596.jpg][Image: 1e990b603c98f6464779bd7c4d68cb6a.jpg][Image: 9ee93add1db0fb5c69455b8c172c1e41.jpg]

Blue Bird Servo High Speed, High Torque
[Image: 6941f45f58c347940e3491da82b0fccb.jpg]
Looking good!

Haven't had much chance to RC this year, but got back into dabbling with 3D printing. Not sure if my PLA will survive making pulleys though :)
[Image: MRCsig.gif]

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