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Tamiya cc01
So ive got this tamiya cc01 now and the more i look at it the more i wanna make it driftable any help would be greatly appreciated heres what i got so far....
Full yeah racing aluminum kit
Fast eddy bearings
Rear axle housing and gear cover metal ( still in shippin status)
Gonna order a brushless kit just gotta figure out the kv
[Image: 92ed477a0faf90a6974066799d4fc6ee.jpg][Image: 9d66af5a4d398922b985a0f53c1bd77c.jpg][Image: 6ae5b5d98f33c7ab1267bc23c6476234.jpg][Image: a1ae349a19500736ca6347fcc3413a60.jpg][Image: f8a9edd3730f2287dd3e6ca2e67c5e6e.jpg][Image: 83deaf2cf5ac2d0f841aa19b98acdbf5.jpg][Image: 6035a9db19633bafcf0ecd846dc2d127.jpg][Image: eb1d25f5dd879ade460aaafec93d29cf.jpg][Image: a52f48647c1380892848ce9476b9535a.jpg]

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I have a set of foam drift tires i could only assume lol little small and truck could use a lowering kit for sure lol [Image: f1e0a9452b759a7bbb9431f4272b1d17.jpg][Image: 2c270ac15102179736b6cc15dc8b47f1.jpg][Image: bdb8f057b5e18ef1d48aa397edd6118a.jpg]

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I dont think a cc01 would make a good drifter cuz the gearing is all wrong but i could be wrong. It would make a killer c1 crawler if set up right.

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