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Tamiya Nizmo R34 GTR Z-Tune
Hi I painted this with Tamiya colour PS-46 Iridescent purple green and then used PS-37 translucent red after for a more deeply reddened purple. I think it came out good but it's been knocked around a bit now as I have been trying to teach myself to CS
[Image: img20121105163502.jpg][Image: img20121105163354.jpg]
[Image: img20121105151816.jpg]
Love R34... and love the paint too!!
(11-06-2012, 02:28 AM)mohdjiman Wrote:  Love R34... and love the paint too!!

thanks mate I love em too! but the next one is a toss up between a wanbia and a 350Z/370Z
i vote for onevia!
(11-06-2012, 02:58 AM)mohdjiman Wrote:  i vote for onevia!

yeah I'm thinking the same either yokomo d-max shell or pandora wanbia shell but the pandora 370Z convertible looks good too!
[Image: mui-z34.jpg]
wow...that's nice 370Z...
impossible for me to do such details
Not impossible just take your time! you can get the decals and liquid masking tape off ebay. I think I could do as good an effort with time and patience

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