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Tamiya TT02 - S build
[Image: CM6ZqdR.jpg]

Hey guys! New drifter here, I'm afraid I don't have the chassis YET, but I have started ordering other parts for it.

Until then, my little la trax sst with drift tires is quite fun :)

I received the rear diff locking block in the mail today, Radio tx/rx & hex screws should be showing up next week, and come next Friday I'll be ordering the actual chassis, as well as some extended body posts, magnetic stealth mouth, etc...


The Very first shiny blue part! I'm excited. 

This build may be a little slow, my budget is sort of low as it is split with my model train layout lol.
So, heres the SST:
[Image: wbwEYtcm.jpg]

And the very first part of my tamiya!:

[Image: 17Ps7nJm.jpg]
As soon as more parts come in i'll be taking more pictures.
I may even take them step by step. We'll see.

Here's the body shell I'll be buying. this is just an example..
[Image: CtzLmZKm.jpg]
Some more parts today! I didn't expect the driveshaft so quickly, came from japan in FIVE days!

Radio tx/rx - Fly sky Gt3-C It was kind of cheap (50$) but I like it so far. Seems like a good radio.
[Image: GvdVwnTm.jpg]

And the drive shaft! I love seeing that shiny blueness.
[Image: YjXKSFqm.jpg]
The screw kit is slated to arrive next.

As soon as my next pay check comes...

Friday I'll be ordering-
-TT02-S Chassis Kit
[Image: BupYxtmm.jpg]
- Head, Turn, Tail LED lighting kit
[Image: Zx4u36Em.jpg]
- 9 ft section of EL wire for "Underglow" (blue)
[Image: GjQtcuam.jpg]
- 2 Batteries (just some nimhs for now, nothing special)
[Image: qdBWTtEm.jpg]
- A set of Blue colored drift wheels + tires, (since the S comes with grip tires)
[Image: St1BsPKm.jpg?1]
- Stealth body mount (also blue lol)
[Image: nQguhAtm.jpg]

I will of course be upgrading this thing periodically, adding better motor and battery, upgrade parts etc... but my objective is to get it up and running first, then change it as I go.
like the plan hope to see more/
Friday!! Hurrah! Just clicked order on my cart! Payday wasnt quite as good as I was hoping, so I only got a couple of things. The rest comes next paycheck I guess.

- TT02 S Chassis
- Aluminum motor mount
- aluminum prop shaft cups
- and the two batteries

USPS seems to have lost my screws. so i'm gonna have to wait for those to come a second time.
I figured i'd give rcscrewz a shot, and if they dont work out no big deal, I need small screws for my other projects anyways.

SO EXCITED! The chassis is on a truck somewhere in my neighborhood. Were just a few hours away now.
Here she is!

[Image: OLA8bzs.jpg?1]
Can I use the tapping screws for now, and upgrade to HEX later or will the threads be all wonky? I don't want to wait for screws to come haha.
I see you have a special burnout smoker. Will that be installed on the car too ? I'm sure it would be a good hit

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Team Magic - E4D(4) RWD - Sakura D4 RWD
(02-24-2017, 04:28 AM)littlemonsta Wrote:  I see you have a special burnout smoker. Will that be installed on the car too ? I'm sure it would be a good hit

Sent from my Lenovo P1a42 using Tapatalk

hahaha thats not a bad idea. 

Okay so, I know I said I might take step by step pictures... and I took a few, but then I got drunk, and the car got away from me, and I finished it lol. Time just flew by, all of a sudden, bam, 2 AM. I have to wake up at 4 am for work. Ugh. Oh well! I loaded up on NOS drinks and went about my day loopy as hell.

So, here's the pics i DID take.

[Image: wnrckjg.jpg]
[Image: ASv2k3G.jpg]
[Image: z0pbLzo.jpg]
Hey guys!

So I finally got a little upgrade for the tamiya.

I felt like the sterring radius out of the box was absolutely pathetic... The wheels just didnt turn much.

Then I saw these "High steering angle" Steering linkage and bought it almost instantly lol

[Image: AxKqplo.jpg]

Here installed - - 

[Image: 7w91IwS.jpg]

Yeah, the servo link rod angle is a bit high, I'm gonna swap it to the other side. Although, it seems fine as it is.

One important note about these things, If you have a cheapy servo, it may munch the gears, this adds to the amount of torque required to turn the wheels. I had a cheap 3.00$ china servo in it and it munched, I put an old futaba s3004 in her and it seems fine now. I imagine any of you serious drift guys probably have a savvox or something similar, so it wont be an issue for you.

[Image: bk35wXd.jpg]
Much better! The wheels now go far enough to contact the shocks, From the look of things, a wheel with a high off set will allow it to turn even further.

I'll have to set my servo end points i guess!

[Image: mcnKxxF.jpg]

I havent driven it yet, The battery is chargin right now, I'll come back.

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