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Tamiya TT02 - S build
great progress like what i'm seeing. what you up too on it now?
(03-26-2017, 08:29 PM)Jackal_Drifts Wrote:  great progress like what i'm seeing. what you up too on it now?

Finally got to drive it! the new steering is way killer. 

Handles Sooooo much better, like a propper drift machine haha.

I just ordered the head/tal/turn/brake LED kit, a rear bumper, and some green neon to go underneath haha.
Oooh, I havent posted the body!

I still want the trans am, but, this one was on sale and I had a coupon got it for 19$.

[Image: BuvOREE.jpg]
Update! The way the steering is set up from the box is kind of sloppy. After replacing the steering with aluminum bits, I re-used to old steering bridge as a brace for the steering arm tower. this adds BADLY needed rigidity. They actualy move as a team now instead of one lazily following along behind.

[Image: 1dLi2en.jpg]

Get longer screws, and you'll find a spot for a 3mm nut on the bottom...

[Image: rfAs19V.jpg]

Clamp that **** down tight! (Assuming your steering has bearings)
I made some scale accessories!

[Image: IibdsIv.jpg]

[Image: BDJAUJk.jpg]

Here you can really see the difference with the long travel steering set up.

its not at full tilt, either, i had to dial it back a touch as the wheels were rubbing the shocks lol
nice still love the acc you made.
(04-15-2017, 04:16 AM)Jackal_Drifts Wrote:  nice still love the acc you made.

thanks man! I made a replica of my real tool box lol

Im planning on making more stuff. I wanna make it all garage-y. 

as for the green truck, all i really plan to do to it is get aluminum front carriers to get rid of some slop. and maybe brushless power later.

the toyota is my room mates - currently stock

[Image: Q40UlLWm.jpg]

new esc, smoked the old one i was using. its a hobby wing

[Image: qOH1QEMm.jpg]

Turn signals! hahaha its so awesome.

[Image: McdjkScm.jpg]
Nice work on the steer mod. They certainly have a lot of play from the factory.

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