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Tc3 thread
Hello I figured I'd stsrt a thread on my project. I call it Project brushed. I got this cat form my brother friend along with some other cars but, I decieded to do the thing I've always wanted to do to a 50/50 setup. I started by puting the brushed electronics I had laying around. I locked both diffs using tape on the inside. I cut the c hubs for more angle and I decided to run hard rubber compound tires. The car amazed me it acted like my brushless only with about a quarter of the power.

I've decided to recreate oryans drift taxi from haggard garage. I have the enkeis but I need a gs300 body.

Also will the high angle cvds from 3 racing work on the car?

Thanks fot reading Part 2 coming soon

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If you dont quite have the time to search for a body, here is a few:

HPI GS400 - partnr: HPI7455 - 200mm wide

Tamiya GS400 - 190mm
Light buckets:
MST XXX-D VIP - CS 2.0 - Main


MST RMX-S 2.0 - RWD - Secondary
Post the chassis, I'd like to see it.
*Quick update* the chassis has been sitting due to lack of funds and motivation but I still want to build it so please stay tuned for more, but I have made next to no progress on it so I'll post pics if anyone's interested but as it sits its a project waiting to happen, thank you for understanding and I'll start work on it soon

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