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The economy package.
Hi guys.

I ´ve just traded myself to a ta05, the real basic bone stock no bells or wistles model.
I ´m on a real tight budget so what would be the financially best place to start upgrading?

Asis it is fitted with a noname silvercan 550 brushed motor with an esc of questionable origin, might be replaced with a hobbywing 13,5t 60a combo come pay day, running nimh packs as thats what i got and new packs cost less than nothing.

What should i do to the chassis?
Been lurking around banzaihobby, 3racing and the domestic shops where i live and im pretty much lost..
My plan would be to make it a CS setup, but having never tried that before i really need some pointers..
I would lock the rear diff first then buy super soft springs. Then practice with it and tune until its to your liking and then bling it out lol.
As the person above stated, start by locking the rear diff. If you search online, you can find peoples specific pulley setups to achieve certain cs ratios. Once you cs the car, I highly recommend a front one way or a center one way. Also a softer spring setup would help out too. Eagle Racing would probably be your best bet for relatively cheap upgrades and pulleys. I've seem some relatively stock TA05 drift very well, it's a good car which doesn't need a whole lot of upgrades to perform well.
Thanks alot guys, been searching this site the last couple of days as i see theres some different takes on this chassis and how to build it, but most of them look quite heavy on the $$ side of things.
Yea, you don't really need to invest a lot of money to make the TA05 a good drifter. A simple cs setup with some swapped pulleys, a locked rear diff, and a front or center one way should be all you really need to start off with. Then maybe soften the spring setup. Here is an example of a cs setup I found online:

Diff: Oneway
Front: 40 42
Center: 16
Belt:RC SQUARE front belt
Diff: Spool
Rear: 30
Center: 22
Belt: Standard rear belt Tamiya
Spur: 78
Pinion: 23
Other: OD 83% 93%
That last bit. OD is that the rpm differens in %? ( cs ratio )
The last bit is the CS Ratio you will get with that pulley setup. So 83% is basically 1.83. It means the rear wheels will turn 1.83 times, for every full rotation the front wheel will make. The 93% means the rear wheel will turn 1.93 times for every full rotation the front wheel makes.
I got you right then.
Thanks a bunch guys.

Would this be a good deal?
im not 100% sure that will entirely work since it was designed for a vdf.... id try to get a square CS set for the ta05 v2
Right then, dammit..

Ill look into that then.

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