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The OTT Yokomo C33 Laurel
Naisu indeed. - This is gonna be awesome. - - -   And now peal those headlight stickers off again please... ^^
Man this is looking awesome!
Cheers guys, glad that you like it Shy

(11-10-2012, 08:17 AM)Z71Burb Wrote:  Man, that looks awesome!! Forgive the noob question, but how do you mount the front of the body with the hood cut off?
Dont be sorry, for now or atleast until the engine comes, the hood is just stuck with pieces of masking tape, holds up well enough. When the engine arrives either a hinge will be made or just secured with microscrew/bodyclips

(11-10-2012, 12:11 PM)Davis Wrote:  Naisu indeed. - This is gonna be awesome. - - -   And now peal those headlight stickers off again please... ^^
Whats wron with the stickers? If its because they look thinner, i cut off the chrome trim around the lights as i dont like it, takes away from the scale look in my opinion.
If you want a "scale look" just use the lightbuckets and maybe some structured wrap up foil for the indicator lights? - For me stickers always look very flat, if you can ´t see through onto the lightbuckets.
ah ok, i know what you mean, ill take them off once my buckets arrive :)
why are you so gangster hussain?
[Image: KC_zpsd2cfde5e.jpg]
(11-11-2012, 08:35 PM)rwdanthony Wrote:  why are you so gangster hussain?

I didnt choose the thug lyfe it chose me B)

Ok little update

Engine bay arrived today

[Image: ogNw8l.jpg]

Cut, washed, trimmed and test fitted

[Image: kAa3Zl.jpg]

While thats getting painted, onto some soothing hand painting of the 2JZ

[Image: NG3FTl.jpg]

Looking beastly after an hours painting

[Image: Ed5hml.jpg]
oh me oh my! looking pretty sweet!
Bay fitted to the body

[Image: 0M9yrl.jpg]

[Image: qF4tll.jpg]

Ran into a problem where the bay was too low and hitting the shock tower, stopping the body from going to the desired ride height, fixed with a little samurai skills with the exacto knife. Which led to another problem.... not allowing the engine itself to sit properly, resolved by making a homemade lexan bracket.  

[Image: wt4jel.jpg]
your hands painted up very nicely  ;)

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