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Tiger.T's D-Like Re-R Hybrid
Hello all,

Here are a few pictures of my Re-R Hybrid and all the phases it went through. 
First the re-anodizing, with carb d deck and tailslider rack. Then went to carb-d rack, then switched from Airia and BS motor to Agile and Xarvis ESC. 
This chassis is currently used for asphalt (black tar top)
[Image: 20150714_212406.jpg][Image: 20150827_235353.jpg][Image: 20150828_004339.jpg][Image: 20150901_204217.jpg][Image: 20150906_175905.jpg][Image: 20160206_202940.jpg][Image: 20170108_134958.jpg][Image: 20170108_135006.jpg][Image: 20170108_135018.jpg][Image: 20170326_014644.jpg][Image: 20170326_023244.jpg]
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