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to HPI, or not to HPI?
Hey, y'all,
I have my eyes set on the new HPI RS4 Sport 3 Flux, which I plan to put drift tires on and then go from there. However, this car is AWD, and I have heard that AWD is not good for drifting. Will this work?
It will work but depending on how much you want to get into the hobby it may not be the best decision for a drift chassis. Don't get me wrong if your going to be drifting in the street it will do an alright job, you wont ever need to worry about tearing a belt with rocks as its shaft driven. But also the front does not get a great wheel angle, it's very similar to the Sprint 2 and would probably need modding if you want to get some sweet angles drifting.
Ideally also for a drift car you could do with belt driven, it's not as reliable as shaft but it gives you the ability to change the counter steer ratio.
Bassically the HPI's are not set up for drifting even the ones that are advertised as a "Drift" package are just a standard 50/50 model with drift tires slapped on.
AWD is good for drifting everyone prefers different thing, some AWD some RWD etc. But I think starting with a car that will basically be always stuck as a 50/50 (equal power/rear) isn't ideal. You want something that you can customize and change as you get into drifting more. I know, I made the mistake of buying a HPI Sprint 2 and had to spend alot of time getting that thing to be anywhere near half decent.

I would definitely recommend looking towards MST they have great RTR drift models that would give you a great starting point in drifting and there is so much support for hop-ups and conversions to RWD etc, so I'd start there.
[Image: VcXuAbY.jpg]
HPI models are cool.
So is wearing a leather jacket and riding a motorcycle! Lol
You can buy a mst 01d rtr for £250 appose to the sprint 2 drift at £200, I own a sprint 2 but if I were you I would go for the mst, if you don't have a dedicated track then the hpi is ok
Thanks guys, this has been helpful in my decision.
So what you getting?
Also you can consider Sakura, I like the D3 over the new D4 for AWD drifting. MST have also good AWD and RWD drift packages. I only use HPI for some 200mm bodies.
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(01-11-2016, 08:33 PM)hardcoreXL86 Wrote:  So what you getting?

I am going to save up for the HPI RS4 Sport 3 Drift, because it is RTR and I will be able to use it as my skill improves.

In the meantime, i am going to buy a cheap $20 car and rebuild it into a drift car, so I can learn how to build one and I can practice before I buy the good car.
That is a pretty smart idea if I do say so!! Keep updated how you are getting on!

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