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Tommy R's RC Art Jager
Hey folks,

Several months ago I was looking for another drifter.  No, not to replace my Yokomo DRB, but in addition to it.  The DRB was still performing amazingly well, but I was looking for a new challenge.  I wanted to build something with more of a rear motor setup this time.  Maybe build it as more of a competition style car for higher speed tracks?  I considered a new YD2+, of course.  That proven to be a great chassis!  But it's also really commonplace these days and I was hoping for something a bit different.  That's when a friend mentioned he had an RC Art Jager RX-12J project that's never been run.  He made me a deal that I definitely couldn't refuse and she was mine!

Here's how I received the chassis.  Note that this car is sold in a minimal configuration leaving you to select your own suspension, dampers, etc.  Mine came in silver and was equipped with Wrap Up Next rear suspension and upper arms.  The also included MST lower arms.  He had also purchased the aluminum battery mounts from RC Art.  All that would be needed to be a roller would be knuckles/axles and shocks/springs.
[Image: IMG_6368-XL.jpg]

[Image: IMG_6367-XL.jpg]

[Image: IMG_6365-XL.jpg]

First order of business was to pick up some silver WUN GX Version 3 knuckles/axles, as well as some Yokomo big bore dampers like those from the YD2+.  We have a roller!
[Image: IMG_6651-XL.jpg]

Tried playing around a ton with the stock steering setup.  It was proving difficult to get the throw and Ackerman that I wanted.
[Image: IMG_6624-XL.jpg]

I got things looking pretty good, but the steering didn't feel right.  Keep in mind I had not yet powered up the car.  I just mean that the steering linkage seemed to be binding up more than I'd like.  It was also pretty......"sticky".  You see, RC Art calls for the use of o-rings in the steering bellcranks.  If you tighten them up, they grab and cause bind.  Loosen them up and it introduces loads of play.
[Image: IMG_6650-XL.jpg]

I ended up getting some different front bellcrank arms for the steering which helped eliminate some bind.  I also replaced the o-rings with some carefully selected shims.  Much better, but there's still more slop than I'd prefer.  But in the meantime I also selected a Sanwa Type D Plus ESC with integrated receiver, KO Propo coreless servo, and an Acuvance 10.5 motor.  An Onisiki gyro eventually found it's way in there, as well.
[Image: IMG_7011-XL.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7012-XL.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7013-XL.jpg]
Nice catch! I was thinking about the Jager because of its uniqueness (not many people run them), but decided to pull the trigger on a Vacula II RWD in red (still waiting on gold hardware from T-Works). Keep us posted!

  • Yokomo DIB275 Premium (RWD Conversion)
  • Yokomo DPR (Hayato Yoshiba Spec)
  • Yokomo YD-4
  • Yokomo YD-2 PLUS
Drift Gundam Blog
This is real nice. I might have to get one of these vigrx plus things.

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