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Tommy's Corolla Wagon
Where do people find these extra small wheels and spacers to get the stretch look
Thanks, Victor! Honestly, the stickers are all from random sticker sets I've received with other bodies and parts purchases over the years. I rarely throw that stuff away because I always seem to come up with uses for it at some point! Just like this! :)
(05-05-2016, 09:01 PM)Steve Fox Wrote:  Where do people find these extra small wheels and spacers to get the stretch look

Scale Dynamics makes the "small diameter" wheels that are chrome.  I picked them up from ABC Hobby.  Street Jam also makes wheels in a "small diameter" and I picked them up from RC Art's site.  I put "small diameter" in quotes because they still use standard sizes drift tires, but part of the wheel is molded to look like the stretched part of the tire.  You probably already knew this, but wanted to point it out in case others didn't.

Also, keep in mind that the 10mm offset Scale Dynamics wheel actually places the tire where a conventional 7mm offset wheel would.  So if you run a 7mm offset now, you could run the SD 10mm offsets just fine.  Street Jams are not measured like that.  Instead, their 10mm offset wheel would fit like a conventional 10mm offset wheel would.

Hope that makes sense...
Thanks a lot! I've actually never seen the RC art site before. Found a couple gems there. They've got a monoshock stay set that I can use on my rig to improve how it all sits so thanks for that too.
You bet! Yeah, they have lots of goodies over there. :)
Loving every detail on this body. Can you show pics of how u managed the magnets for the roof rack and the bumper?

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Here's the magnet on the bottom side of the roof rack. Obviously, there are four total on the rack and another four under the roof inside the body.
[Image: IMG_5111-L.jpg]

I thought I had pics of the backsides, but evidently not. I'll get some on Thursday when I get back to the house (traveling for work at the moment).
Awesome! Are you using rare earth magnets?

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Yessir... I've still got the package they came in so I'll try to get a pic of that, too.
So here's the "less glamorous" side of this shell. LOL...  The magnets for the roof rack are simply covered in hot glue.  They've held great.  Also shown are the magnetic body mounts that are temporarily holding the body posts, as well.
[Image: IMG_5428-XL.jpg]

Here you can see all the hot glue I used to attach the rear fascia to the body.  I didn't use it to attach the light buckets because those will eventually come out so I can add the LEDs.
[Image: IMG_5429-XL.jpg]

Look closely and you can see a magnet encased in hot glue.  This is one of the two bumper mounts.
[Image: IMG_5430-XL.jpg]

Lastly, here you can see the magnets affixed to the bumper.  What I did here was glue the magnets to a chunk of styrene to get the depth of the magnet correct.  Once that was where I wanted it, I filled the entire thing with hot glue.  This held the magnets and styrene in place, but it also added a lot of structural integrity to the thin bumper's Lexan.  Now it can get ripped off on the track and I don't have to worry about it getting torn.
[Image: IMG_5431-XL.jpg]

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