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Top 5 drift rc cars for beginner
Little late replying to this thread but my first drift car was a TA05VDF upped to a 1.6 CS ratio. It had gold everywhere, gold Overdose parts, gold electronics and was a very gorgeous and definitely a car with an "it" factor compared to other friends cars with HPI E10's, TT01's, or some converted TC with PVC pipe tires.
Problem is I couldn't drive worth a damn. Yeah I had the best looking car but it didn't matter.
I ended up getting a Tamiya TA03F DS and started drifting that. I loved that car, unlike the VDF. My 03 taught me a lot about throttle control, steering control, and weight transfer.

After my 03, every single drift car after that became pretty east to drive regardless if it was 50/50 or CS. This allowed me to start experimenting with high CS ratios which eventually led me to being pretty comfortable driving RWD... provided it's a well tuned RWD. A RWD in bad tune can be quite a handful trying to drive.
Just my 0.02. Really everyone's experience can be different. Some people can jump into the deep end of things and do just fine.
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.


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