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Hey everyone , 

Anyone notice that if you google :

- BEST RC DRIFT CARS 2016 OR 2017 , you find nothing but false articles that are in reality ads disguised as guides or articles or reviews, and the very few that are legit , have cars listed that even NOOBS wouldn't look at ?


If you go to Youtube , you can find hours of horrible videos on drifting , no titles , horrible music , no details or specs ; at the same time, in all of youtube , with everything that is being talked about or made from gaming vids to vids about kittens playing with strings to everything that is in and between , I can't for the life of me find one RC drift channel dedicated to a yearly show that does a yearly rundown of the years top releases , top cars , top RTRs ? 

I would classify the marketing strategy by the RC DRIFT giants to be pathetic , the worst in the world , in ANY industry .

Im currently working in the middle east , these people have more MONEY than any of us can count , there are giant malls with spaces for drift tracks in every city here , there are investors waiting for opportunities , they have money , but seldom have the brains to do anything with it, yet i have never once seen anything related to RC drifting here. There is 1 track outside of the city and no more than three stores in the city i work at and all of them have horrible products. 

Most kids i speak to here don't even know about RC drifting , and not because they are out synch , its the RC world experts and manufacturers who are out of Synch with the new generation, especially emerging markets in the middle east and Africa.

Where is HPI , they should rent out a public exhibition space in the middle of one of the biggest malls in the middle east and have a drift track display where newcomers can test cars , learn to drift or even take a beginners course. The interest it would generate would be extremely profitable for HPI , for example. I use HPI as a an example not because they are the best , but because they seem to have the brand image thing on LOCK !

Where is YOKOMO in the Middle East ? When was the last time YOKOMO sponsored a workshop for drifters in the Middle East , or set up a track at a local mall , open up a pop up store and sell drift cars till they run OUT !

It boggles my mind how ignorant the RC drift companies are when it comes to marketing and infiltrating emerging markets.

To understand the Middle East markets you must understand that everything here now works and grows off trends , these new generation of kids literally feed off each other. If one kid buys something , all the kids will want it , and while this is the norm everywhere else in the world , it seems more so here than ever. It seems kids just want to fit in and keep up with the outside world more than ever.

Anyways... by profession , this is what i do , so forgive my venting !

For now ill just stick to smaller goals for the RC drift community , can we at least start off with drift mission or someone doing an annual dedicated page , or link , or whatever to the 2017 TOP DRIFT CARS / CHASSIS OF THE YEAR AWARDS or something like that ? Is that too much to ask for from an entire community ? A simple , clear location everyone can revert to for information that is archived annually which clearly states the authors ratings for the years top rc drift cars / chassis , is that too much to ask for by DriftMission ? I'm a NOOB and id do it !

Additionally , if any of you go on youtube , you will see there are no channels dedicated to this subject , a couple of vids made to discuss the annual state of the RC DRIFT WORLD , NEW RELEASES , HOT ITEMS , ANNUAL REVIEW , BUDGET CHASSIS OF THE YEAR , BEST RTR , BEST INDOOR DRIFTER , BEST OUTDOOR DRIFTER , BEST TIRES , AND SO ON...This would get tons of hits , there is ad revenue to be made as well... Someone with experience in the RC WORLD should jump on this , how no one has done this until now is BEYOND my wildest understanding !

Sadly , I'm a noob in the RC world , otherwise id be all over these opportunities , Id be creating dedicated websites , awards shows , annual rankings , a youtube channel dedicated to new releases , reviews of past best chassis by year. Think of the free kits you'd be getting from sponsors.

In terms of marketing , I'd coordinate between the leading local malls ( which are huge in terms of open space ) here in the middle east and companies like HPI and YOKOMO and 3Racing and i'd bring them to a special event here in the middle east , I'd set up huge tracks in the malls open spaces and get the kids to try out dozens of drifters on open and safe tracks , i'd provide a workshop for adults and elite drifters... and by the end it of it all , i'd have HUGE line ups of rich Arab kids posted up at my HPI ( or whatever ) pop up stands at the malls begging to purchase the last of the RC drift cars we brought to sell. Bottom Line , id turn this industry upside down and inside out.... There wouldn't be a kid from Dubai to Jeddah to Cairo to Istanbul that wouldn't be begging his parents for a drift car ... all i would need is the proper coordination team , the exhibition space in select malls / locations and a few sponsors.

These people at HPI , MST,  3racing and YOKOMO can build a track , they can build a car .... but they have NO IDEA how to sell or market the product.

Pathetic people who don't know what opportunity they are wasting !

I CONCLUDE BY PRESENTING TO ALL OF YOU - the top GOOGLE search result for BEST RC DRIFT CAR 2017 , look at this joke -



If anyone wants to debate my marketing points , first research the disposable incomes in this region and the incredible rates of under 18s in the demographic sectors of the mentioned markets , YOU WILL BE SHOCKED at the financial opportunities that are thrown away by RC drift makers by NOT targeting this customer base.
holy crap I almost barfed at that article.
Well I can say I know exactly how you feel because I've been feeling that way forever.
Some people just don't go for the big picture, and also the originator of this culture are in japan and for the longest time have only looked at their belly buttons but nothing else.
Things are changing though, slowly and in the right direction.
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