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TOYO Amemiya RX7 M7
Finally got it pretty much finished, blue came out pretty shiny and darker than expected but pretty satisfied with the outcome nonetheless.

.jpg   22.jpg (Size: 100.79 KB / Downloads: 37)

Decals and such, might add a few more as I continue to add pieces to it.

.jpg   23.jpg (Size: 93.34 KB / Downloads: 34)

.jpg   24.jpg (Size: 71.63 KB / Downloads: 36)
Not sure if I should add a spoiler or not, kinda like the natural curvature of the body itself.

.jpg   25.jpg (Size: 95.34 KB / Downloads: 33)
Finally some LEDS to bring life to the beast.

.jpg   28.jpg (Size: 90.79 KB / Downloads: 34)

More pics&updates to come, stay tuned peeps.
[Image: shit.png]
Some rainy day pictures, trying on some new kicks (Yokomo Apexi RX7) Hoping for better weather for actual photoshoot takes, but til then, slide on!

.jpg   IMG_0115.JPG (Size: 297.48 KB / Downloads: 30)

.jpg   IMG_0114.JPG (Size: 244.63 KB / Downloads: 28)

.jpg   IMG_0110.JPG (Size: 286.25 KB / Downloads: 28)
[Image: shit.png]
A duck-tail or lip style spoiler would look good IMO, but i don't know your style.

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(06-25-2014, 09:45 PM)the drift noob Wrote:  A duck-tail or lip style spoiler would look good IMO, but i don't know your style.

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Yeah, that's what I was sorta going towards too, gonna be hard to find one or make one that fits the 'V' curve of the trunk though.
[Image: shit.png]
Looks Dope man!

Kinda like a mix between a RX-7 and a Porsche.
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OTA-R31 w/ Flux Capacitor
thanks for the feedback. Just trying to see what other details I can add on it here and there. Found sort of a duck-tail wing from an HPI Aristo to try and fit on the M7.

.jpg   IMG_0122.JPG (Size: 235.29 KB / Downloads: 13)


Not bad, as far as fitment goes. Just had to make a few mods to it, snipping a bit of plastic the original spoiler.

.jpg   IMG_0120.JPG (Size: 258.99 KB / Downloads: 15)

.jpg   IMG_0121.JPG (Size: 253.11 KB / Downloads: 14)

So yeah, never fully done with any of my bodies. Always feel the need to give them that bit more dopeness everytime something comes to mind. Stay tuned, peace!
[Image: shit.png]
looks cool.
just curious...what's up with the Nismo sticker?
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HPI Sprint 2 Flux - RWD project
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(07-09-2014, 05:43 PM)wareagle84 Wrote:  looks cool.
just curious...what's up with the Nismo sticker?

just a part of the TOYO scheme, and quite frankly the sticker package only came with one NISMO sticker, so didn't want to just discard it, as I have no Nissan shells besides the 180 which is just a beater.
[Image: shit.png]
looks really good
[Image: 222_zpsccdcf383.jpg]

Here For the love of RC Drifting
(07-09-2014, 09:51 PM)dj nekkon Wrote:  looks really good

thanks man, cheers! ^^
[Image: shit.png]

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