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Toyota Altezza [Streetstyle Battle Build]
Still going strong...

"Tinted windows don´t mean nothin`, they know who´s inside." ^^

[Image: dsc08618ohby5.jpg]

The muffler is prepared as well.

[Image: dsc08609xmlli.jpg]

Stock or Modified? - I think I will go with the modified grill.

[Image: dsc08625mra8n.jpg]
I used almost half a tube of shoegoo and plenty of glassfibre tape to strengthen the soft Lexan of the bodyshell. - I think this way it will hold up quite a while on the track. ;)

[Image: dsc08633o7yv7.jpg]

The light kit is installed in the buckets as well already. - I think the next step is to finally put everything together. :D

[Image: dsc08644tely6.jpg]
Everything came together like a charm. It is still missing a few bits and details as well as a few decals. - I really had to control myself, not to pull of the protective foil completely off yet, but maybe I can prevent some of the scratches on the body, I normally have before the first ride already. ^^

[Image: dsc08646xzutm.jpg]

[Image: dsc08650g5uyz.jpg]

[Image: dsc0864878uwj.jpg]

[Image: dsc08652b0uyp.jpg]
"It´s all about the details" - I installed the windscreen wipers and washing nozzles. ^^

[Image: dsc08657hpuxr.jpg]

[Image: dsc08674xiuyz.jpg]

The light is also fitted.

[Image: dsc086609fu88.jpg]

[Image: dsc08669ghuty.jpg]

[Image: dsc086644qu7u.jpg]
I´m pretty much done, just waiting for some rims with suitable offset to arrive, then I can fit the body to the chassis, take some final photos and go for a first ride. :D

I still added an intercooler ...

[Image: dsc08678yzuvh.jpg]

... and some seats, so the dashboard does not look all that lost in the interior.

[Image: dsc086863gu54.jpg]

[Image: dsc08689bouur.jpg]
Looking good!
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Going to panel line around the lights?

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The panel lines are done already. - Still have to take some photos though. -  I used a Parma detailing pen, which works pretty good. It has a nice thin tip and good covering with just one stroke on lexan. - Whenever I went wrong I simply wiped it off with Tamiya bodycleaner and tried again. - A bit of a downside is, that is slightly shiny, but I tried it with matte tape first and that is indeed very tricky to make it follow the form of the body without coming loose.

[Image: pa10401_pa10401-parma-detailing-pen-from...-10401.jpg]
Looking very nice
It´s done, here are some "studio" shots I took today. - Thanks to everyone, that followed the build. ;)

[Image: dsc08795wul3q.jpg]

[Image: dsc087772haxk.jpg]

[Image: dsc087514uylo.jpg]

[Image: dsc08712uvbag.jpg]

[Image: dsc08726pfx5d.jpg]

[Image: dsc08737g6y4e.jpg]

[Image: dsc08749phako.jpg]

[Image: dsc087824sa5s.jpg]

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